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"If we need to I am capable of it. In a way it's a good thing I didn't sell this ugly staff it holds mystic energy too." He says to Alex then looks to Oz, "If that door leads to another way out though that is an option."

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Alex smiles back at him, "Can we teleport again if it comes down to
    it. I can help a little with energies I think if i understand you

Otherwise, she begins to consider how one might fight their way out.

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>Vesper smiles inwardly Alex might have been with the Coalition
        at one time but her act of sacrifice for a D Bee showed her true
        inner character. He was very proud of her if anything it made
        him cherish her more.
>"Well a vault would just be a dead end,  you sure it's not a
        hallway or further tunnel just a vault Keldon ?"

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