[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVI - Assault on the Kydians

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>>>> [GM]
>>>> Between Ted's covering fire and Oz's smoke grenades, the company is
>>>> able to extricate themselves from the trap.  Several of the dwarfs
>>>> remain behind to heard the freed prisoners back through the secret
>>>> tunnel.  Six, including Skarn, offer covering fire as well as they make
>>>> their way towards the building.
>>>> The building itself is a nondescript one, made of large reddish bricks. 
>>>> It looks more like an apartment building than the site of one of the
>>>> dwarfs' "hoards".  The door itself looks to be a rather ordinary wooden
>>>> door, and there is no sign of a keypad of any kind.  Indeed the door
>>>> simply opens, revealing a long hallway with stairs on either side
>>>> leading up and down, as well as a series of rooms along the hallway. 
>>>> The other end of the hallway seems to be a back door.
>>>> About half way down the company sees what looks like a Kydian, or
>>>> perhaps two Kydians, though they've been blown apart so thoroughly it
>>>> is hard to tell, save for the remnants of a face.
>>>> Then they hear a whirring sound, and from one of the rooms two small
>>>> robots appear.  They look like garbage cans with appendages that
>>>> include brooms and mops.  Several of their appendages begin gathering
>>>> up body parts while others spray some sort of cleaner on the floor and
>>>> start mopping up the mess.
>>>> And then, out of another door, a Kydian, heavily injured, much of his
>>>> armor blown off and missing his left arm above the elbow, stumbles out
>>>> of another door.  He lifts his weapon to fire at one of the robots,
>>>> when it spins around, and what looks like a plasma pulse is emitted
>>>> from one of its appendages, cutting the Kydian in two.
>>>> While this is happening, outside Skarn and his remaining dwarfs are in
>>>> a full-fledged firefight with the Kydians and one of the slaver barges.
>>>> [/GM]

>>> [Ted]
>>> Ted curses silently to himself, noting silently that he had been trying
>>> to break that habit.  Without exposing himself or any of the Dwarves, he
>>> leans closer to Skarn.  "Which room has the cold iron?"
>>> [/Ted]

>> [Skarn]
>> Skarn glances into the building. "Someone has reprogrammed the
>> cleanerbots.  The door is down at the end.  It looks like a back door,
>> but there's a hid keypad immediately to the right of the door.  You just
>> have to find the slight indentation, press in, and the keypad will
>> appear."
>> [/Skarn]

> [Oz]
> "Give me a second." The multi-talented German uses his suit comp and radio
> to try to hack into the converted cleanerbots to teach them not to attack
> the group while still attacking Kydians.
> [/Oz]

Oz begins remotely trying to hack the cleanerbots.

> [Ted]
> OOC: How far is the door in question?

OOC: About sixty feet.

> IC: "Do you know the passcode?"
> [/Ted]

"I believe the code is 1-0-0-9-5-4-2." Skarn replies.

With almost insane ease Oz breaks into the fairly intricate encryption that
someone had set up in the cleanerbots [Radio Scramblers: 19%, Computer
Programming: 9%]. The cleanerbots are now programmed to completely ignore
anyone but Kydians.

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