[Taocow PBEM] Fwd: [Anne, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

Karl Prosek karl.prosek at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 13:58:45 UTC 2014

> Father Arthur shrugs. "I cannot say." he says simply. "I am but a
> humble servant here, and not privy to the Archbishop's plans. We have
> seen off invasion before, when I first came here ten years ago, and
> the Abbey has potent defenses. The false god Bres the Beautiful was
> turned back at this place of the Lord. I have heard rumor that the
> Archbishop has made alliances that will greatly enhance our security,
> but, as I said, I know nothing for certain of such matters."
> "Perhaps, if you are fortunate, the Archbishop himself may meet with
> you. I know he has been made aware of the arrival of a ship from
> Hobourn Tree, and will be meeting with one of the passengers; an older
> druid coming as a representative of their Council. That is why I am at
> the front doors. I await the Druid's arrival."

This place had held off a would-be god? Maybe it could withstand the
Splugorth invasion. Oz just nods, though. "I would very much like to
meet with the Archbishop, if he is receiving visitors. We came on the
druid's ship, in fact; they are sponsoring our trip north. May we wait
with you?"

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