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"We were going to allow our new friend Keldon here to make introductions for us, I don't think it would be a problem for us all to meet at the same time. Would it Keldon ?"

Vesper stood next to Alex as they entered.

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>> [GM]
>> Father Arthur shrugs. "I cannot say." he says simply. "I am but a
>> humble servant here, and not privy to the Archbishop's plans. We have
>> seen off invasion before, when I first came here ten years ago, and
>> the Abbey has potent defenses. The false god Bres the Beautiful was
>> turned back at this place of the Lord. I have heard rumor that the
>> Archbishop has made alliances that will greatly enhance our security,
>> but, as I said, I know nothing for certain of such matters."
>> "Perhaps, if you are fortunate, the Archbishop himself may meet with
>> you. I know he has been made aware of the arrival of a ship from
>> Hobourn Tree, and will be meeting with one of the passengers; an older
>> druid coming as a representative of their Council. That is why I am at
>> the front doors. I await the Druid's arrival."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> This place had held off a would-be god? Maybe it could withstand the
> Splugorth invasion. Oz just nods, though. "I would very much like to
> meet with the Archbishop, if he is receiving visitors. We came on the
> druid's ship, in fact; they are sponsoring our trip north. May we wait
> with you?"
> [/Oz]

As Oz speaks, he sees Ithdalkal wave, and sees Vesper, Alex and a very
odd-looking octopus-like D-Bee with one large eye, wearing a
multi-armed jacket and a hat.

The priest who had been speaking to Oz, Anne and Ithdalkal smiles.
"Ah, Mr. Keldon, we see you hear so infrequently. I see you've brought
two visitors with you as well."

The octopus-like D-Bee laughs, "I'm afraid theological differences
make my visits all too infrequent, Father Arthur. These two are here
in the hopes of meeting the Archbishop to, ah, discuss an important

"As are these three." Father Arthur says, looking at Oz, Anne and Ithdalkal.

"We are all companions." Ithdalkal says simply, though she looks at
Vesper and Alex quizzically.

Father Arthur nods. "I'm quite certain the Archbishop will meet you
after Mass. But for now, join us in Mass. Even if you are not a
believer you may find it interesting. Let me find you seats." Father
Arthur does not seem to take no for an answer.

As they take their seats, a tall man of significant girth, in white
robes walks out to the pulpit. He must be at least six and a half feet
tall, and probably weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of four
hundred pounds. He has a beatific face, clean shaven, pudgy, but still
showing the signs that he was once a handsome man.

In a voice both commanding and yet soothing and fatherly, he begins.
"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the
fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."

The congregation replies "And also with you."

And so begins a somewhat long-winded sermon, telling the people not to
be afraid in these troubling times, for the Lord will protect his
flock from harm. The whole service is actually quite short, about a
half an hour, and then the prayers are said and the congregation gets
up and most go to leave.

Father Arthur returns and tells the adventurers "His Grace has said he
will see you all. The guards will lead you to his quarters."

Two guards in medieval-looking armor, something like the knightly
armor of New Camelot, obviously megadamage, but still very ornate,
beckon to the adventurers. They are lead to a rather plain and
inconspicuous doorway beside the altar. It opens up on a narrow dimly
lit hallway with doors along one side and another door at the end.
There are a number of chairs beside the door and two more guards stand
beside it.

"A moment please." one of their guides says. "We understand that you
are of the same company, but will you be meeting together? His Grace
is somewhat pressed for time, so your audience will be no more than
fifteen minutes."

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