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Vesper bows in greetings, "Your grace."
Seeing Keldon make all the introductions and then mention him he shows the odd Splugorth staff to the Archbishop.

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OOC: I would like to apologize to Anne's player if I'm moving too
fast, but I assume she too would want to meet with the Archbishop.

>> [GM]
>> ...
>> And so begins a somewhat long-winded sermon, telling the people not to
>> be afraid in these troubling times, for the Lord will protect his
>> flock from harm. The whole service is actually quite short, about a
>> half an hour, and then the prayers are said and the congregation gets
>> up and most go to leave.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> The German visitor smoothly follows along throughout the mass,
> apparently familiar with the process.
> [/Oz]

The Blind Warrior Woman looks at Oz in wonder. "You know these
peoples' rituals?" she whispers. "Truly you are a wonder"

>> [GM]
>> Father Arthur returns and tells the adventurers "His Grace has said he
>> will see you all. The guards will lead you to his quarters."
>> Two guards in medieval-looking armor, something like the knightly
>> armor of New Camelot, obviously megadamage, but still very ornate,
>> beckon to the adventurers. They are lead to a rather plain and
>> inconspicuous doorway beside the altar. It opens up on a narrow dimly
>> lit hallway with doors along one side and another door at the end.
>> There are a number of chairs beside the door and two more guards stand
>> beside it.
>> "A moment please." one of their guides says. "We understand that you
>> are of the same company, but will you be meeting together? His Grace
>> is somewhat pressed for time, so your audience will be no more than
>> fifteen minutes."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "That's fine." As always, the curious knight commander looks around at
> everything as he enters the archbishop's area.
> [/Oz]

> [Vesper]
> "We were going to allow our new friend Keldon here to make introductions
> for us, I don't think it would be a problem for us all to meet at the same time.
> Would it Keldon ?"
> Vesper stood next to Alex as they entered.
> [/Vesper]

Keldon looks to Oz, Anne and Ithdalkal. "I have no issue with it,
providing I know your names."

"This is Sir Osmar of New Camelot, my liege lord." she says,
introducing Oz with great officiousness. "And this Anne, a companion
of ours, and I am Ithdalkal, servant of Sir Osmar, pledged to his

"Indeed." Keldon says. "Now remember, you are to bow when you are
introduced to the Archbishop, and you are to refer to him as Your
Grace. If you are some sort of Catholic, you may kiss his ring, but
otherwise, a bow should suffice."

Keldon turns to the guard. "All of us shall meet together."

"With that the D-Bee turns to the guards. "We shall meet the
Archbishop together."

The guard that knocks on the door, and then opens it. The open door
reveals a lavishly decorated room, with red carpeting, silk curtains,
a fine oak desk that looks to be very old, a considerable library of
books both newer and of ancient vintage. There are paintings on the
wall of various men and even the odd D-Bee in clerical robes.

Sitting at the desk is the Archbishop, no longer wearing his vestments
and in simple white garb. The Archbishop stands up and moves in a few
wide strides to meet the company.

"Your Grace," Keldon says, "I would like to introduce to you Vesper,
Alex, Oz, Anne and Ithdalkal. They came in earlier this evening on the

"Ah yes," the Archbishop says in his resonant and kindly voice.
"Captain von Schellburg's vessel. I had heard you had all recently
come from Hoburn Tree. It is so said to hear of the death and
destruction they suffered, and I prayed for their protection. It is a
troubling time, with great evil afoot in our fair land. To be
truthful, I did not expect many new visitors now, so my heart is
gladdened to see Captain von Schellburg still plying his trade."

Once introductions are made, the Archbishop returns to his seat. "I'm
having some brandy." he says. "A good vintage, circa 2105 in the
Ancient Calendar. Being the Archbishop of an ancient Abbey has its
benefits. Help yourself if you care for some."

"Now Keldon," the Archbishop says to the D-Bee, "what brings you to
the Abbey? Could it be you're finally ready to convert?"

"Ah no," Keldon says, "Vesper here and I have a bit of a business
transaction we would like to make. I know you're fondness for unique
objects, and Vesper here has one you may be keenly interested. As to
the others," he looks at Anne, Oz and Ithdalkal, "they may speak for

Keldon then looks to Vesper. "Show the Archbishop that which you wish to sell."


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