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(( Think I had 2 staffs of pacification or other biowizardy staffs. Don't recall the posts were a while back ))

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To her dagger she asks telepathically, /I don't think we want to
      tell him about you./

ooc: Just thinking that her Catholic Church might have female

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... Sitting at the desk is the Archbishop, no longer wearing his vestments
and in simple white garb. The Archbishop stands up and moves in a few
wide strides to meet the company. "Your Grace," Keldon says, "I would like to introduce to you Vesper,
Alex, Oz, Anne and Ithdalkal. They came in earlier this evening on the
Teufelshörnchen." "Ah yes," the Archbishop says in his resonant and kindly voice.
"Captain von Schellburg's vessel. I had heard you had all recently
come from Hoburn Tree. It is so said to hear of the death and
destruction they suffered, and I prayed for their protection. It is a
troubling time, with great evil afoot in our fair land. To be
truthful, I did not expect many new visitors now, so my heart is
gladdened to see Captain von Schellburg still plying his trade." Once introductions are made, the Archbishop returns to his seat. "I'm
having some brandy." he says. "A good vintage, circa 2105 in the
Ancient Calendar. Being the Archbishop of an ancient Abbey has its
benefits. Help yourself if you care for some." "Now Keldon," the Archbishop says to the D-Bee, "what brings you to
the Abbey? Could it be you're finally ready to convert?" "Ah no," Keldon says, "Vesper here and I have a bit of a business
transaction we would like to make. I know you're fondness for unique
objects, and Vesper here has one you may be keenly interested. As to
the others," he looks at Anne, Oz and Ithdalkal, "they may speak for
themselves." Keldon then looks to Vesper. "Show the Archbishop that which you wish
to sell."
Vesper bows in greetings, "Your grace."
While considering herself some form of Catholic, everything seems wrong
to Alex here. The small Catholic church she went into a few times as a
child is nothing like the pomp here. She never really considered her
belief critically. She will still at least curtsy and add, "Your grace" as well. She almost
wishes she could become invisible here.
Seeing Keldon make all the introductions and then mention him he shows
the odd Splugorth staff to the Archbishop. [OOC: see attached image]
The Archbishop's eyes widen at the sight of the fascinating and yet
hideous staff, it's alien eye staring balefully. There is wonder in
the Archbishop's eyes, but fear as well, and he makes the sign of the
cross. "I know you collect things of this nature." Keldon says. "Providing we
agree upon a price, you could add this to your collection this
evening." The Archbishop swallows the rest of his brandy, and then pours another
glass, swallowing that in turn. Beads of sweat begin to appear on your
forehead. "This," he says after a good long moment, "must be among the spoils of
the Battle of Hoburn Hill. It is valuable, to be sure." The Archbishop puts his fingers to his temples and seems to think
deeply for a moment. He then looks to Vesper. "I'm sure our good
friend here has explained that such an item, while extremely valuable,
might fetch much less of a price than if you were in New Camelot or
the New German Republic. Before I make any offer, I'm curious as to
whether any of you have any other such items."
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