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"We may find ourselves in Germany eventually,  Sir Oz  how much time do you think we have here ?"
He turned to the man as in truth he didn't know how long they would have before their ship set off again for the Dwarven conclave.

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>> [GM]
>> As Vesper and Alex telepathically communicate, the Arch-bishop turns
>> to the other visitors. He looks to Oz. "Are you a representative of
>> the New Camelot government, Sir Osmar?"
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "Not officially, your grace. I am a sworn knight commander of New
> Camelot, knighted by the sword of the king himself and given command
> of an exploratory unit. The fight against the Slugorth is not going
> well, your grace. If you have not already, you should expect a wave of
> refugees very soon." While Oz's English was quite fluent, his German
> accent was pronounced.
> "The Splugorth are very... formidable, your grace. I wanted to meet
> with you to make sure you understood the gravity of the situation. I
> would not presume to make suggestions where I do not have full
> knowledge of your capabilities, but... New Avalon evacuated all
> non-combatants. Are you sure you can defend your townspeople from
> these invaders?"
> [/Oz]

The Archbishop pours another tall glass and gulps it back. "Ah yes,"
he says, "thank you for that warning. We have heard of the troubles,
and are gravely concerned, but we believe we and our allies are now in
possession of sufficient resources to, ah, guarantee our safety. King
Arr'thu need not worry about our defense, though, of course, my
prayers are always that he and his great kingdom be delivered from the

He goes to pour another drink, but then pulls away, his hand trembling slightly.

>> [GM]
>> To Anne he [the Archbishop] says "You seem to know the forms of our faith.
>> Are you a Catholic?"
>> [/GM]

> [Anne]
> Anne replies "Yes, Your Grace. My home world was subject to a
> quarantine for centuries, and one of the first outsiders to visit after
> the plague was cured, was a priest of the Society of Jesus. What
> he had to teach us resonated with us in a truly profound way. Father
> Joseph gave a sermon he did not know was being broadcast one
> night. He awoke the next morning to one hundred billion people
> lining up to convert."
> [/Anne]

"Ah, the Jesuits!" the Archbishop says, seemingly quite happy to
discuss something other than the Splugorth. "Though I and they are not
always the best of friends, we are all servants of God and it is good
to know that the word of our Savior has reached even the ears of your
far flung people. You are, of course, welcome to worship here in
Communion with us."

>> [GM]
>> Finally back to Alex and Vesper. "So do you have any more items to, ah, sell?"
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "We have some small smattering of items from that conflict your grace."
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> The red headed scout just keeps quiet at the moment.
> [/Alex]

"I might be interested in some of those, as well." the Archbishop
says. "For this staff, I can offer three million credits if you wish
the money soon. If you wish to wait until I can muster some other
resources, I can give you that in cash, and a promissory note for an
additional two million, which could be drawn on the Abbey's accounts
in New Camelot or the New German Republic."

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