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"As a young girl, I wanted to be a wilderness scout. I always loved the 
wilderness," Alex responds. "The Coalition offered to train me for the 
wilderness. While most of the farm folks don't have the hatred of magic 
that city folk might, in general the Coalition did a lot of good. If 
not, we would get overrun quickly."

"Lonestar is a bit different than Chi-Town," she continues. "We are 
expected to learn how to read and the value intelligence as much as 
following orders. My team was consider elite and we were sent north to 
help support forces which were suppose to attack the Xiticix. The troops 
which were suppose to support were prison scum, ill trained rabble. Our 
CO had pissed of somebody high up in the Chi-Town chain. He was killed 
and as he died asked me to get the survivors out. I was able to get 
several others out but unfortunately, I don't know where everybody else. 
I hope they are still alive though."

"I have to be honest, while I don't have the hatred of magic that I have 
seen from others, magic did make me a bit nervous. Still does bother me 
a little bit," she adds. "Techno-wizards are generally the easiest 
because they generally use guns and armor, just boosted with magic."

"I have heard a lot of stories about shifters?" she asks dubiously. 
"Tend to be considered more dangerous, more likely to deal with dark 

On 01/02/2014 13:41, Peter Perkins wrote:
> He nods, "Yes my parents were both Mages,  respectable ones my father 
> was a line walker, and mother a ley line rifter. I had a wanderlust 
> though I could have stayed back home and become part of the whole 
> power structure but there was a whole world out there and through my 
> studies I discovered there were more worlds then just our own. When I 
> chose to be a Shifter it surprised everyone it is not generally 
> considered one of the respectable arts because it goes beyond the 
> world. I guess in a way were not too different we both like to see new 
> places, you with skill and knowledge of the woodlands and me with my 
> magic." His thumb caressed her hand.
> "It took a long time to learn to be a Shifter, luckily my parents 
> started me young learning the basics of magic.  I never knew any 
> society lived or even could live without magic.  So the Coalition when 
> I learned about it fascinated me. To me living without magic would be 
> like taking my eyes and ears from me, they have become so much a part 
> of me."
> "I come from America too originally even though I settled down among 
> the fey here for a while, their magic is quite different from what I 
> am used to. They seem as much a part of the world of magic as dragons."
> "What made you join the Coalition then ?  To see the world ? or 
> protect humanity or something else ?"
> He asked genuinely curious.

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