[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIV

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>>>> [Ted]
>>>> Ted nods grimly. "Thank you for all you have done for us so far, Master
>>>> Druid," he states.
>>>> [/Ted]

>>> [GM]
>>> The head of the council nods and smiles, perhaps sadly. "I see a great
>>> fate wrapped around you and your friends. You go with our blessing, and
>>> with what help we can offer. We shall send word to those of our order
>>> throughout the Isles, and if you can find them in Tree, stream or
>>> cavern, they shall offer you aid."
>>> [/GM]

>>>> [Alex]
>>>> The red haired ranger does smile a lot at Vesper. Been quite a while
>>>> since she had a romance.
>>>> "In the Coalition, we were suppose to avoid all magic as being the
>>>> work of evil. As such, never seen an airship although heard a bit
>>>> about them. A bit nervous about them as a result."
>>>> [/Alex]

>>> [Jacek the Borg]
>>> "It is not so different where I come from." the borg says. "The New
>>> German Republic has little love of casters of spells and the like. And
>>> yet I spent a decade serving a man who used those forces to keep his
>>> people safe."
>>> [/Jacek the Borg]

>>> [GM]
>>> "Then good luck to you all." the chief of the council says. "If all goes
>>> well, you should be back here in a few days to pick up the girl-thing.
>>> If you do not return, we will hold her as long as we can, though her
>>> imprisonment is... taxing."
>>> [/GM]

>> [Alex]
>> Mister, if you think that you have trouble imprisoning her, we have even
>> more problems," the ranger responds. "Being on that chiefly had to keep
>> her under control, I understand your problem more than most. I am not
>> however a practitioner in any way of mystic arts.
>> [/Alex]
>> [Vesper]
>> "I have some spells that might help you in controlling and containing her
>> though her power is considerable."
>> "If one of you has the ability to create scrolls or talismans I would be
>> happy to place some spells in them to help you out." Vesper says to one
>> of the Druids.
>> He stands next to Alex.
>> [/Vesper]

>> [Alex]
>> The red headed ranger smiles back and squeezes his hand.
>> [/Alex]

>> Alex ooc: One way to contain the creature might be the temporal spell of
>> suspended animation

> [GM]
> "Perhaps upon your return." One of the druids says. "Between the cold
> iron, whatever powers Alex can bring to bear and your spells, a cage
> can be built that will prove inescapable. For now, I suspect Captain
> von Schellburg wishes to be on his way."
> Von Schellburg nods. "Ya, I wish to be there and back in a few days.
> No more, and zen I must return to my base to plan for our defence
> should ze Splugorth come to pay us a visit."
> [/GM]

>> [Anne]
>> Anne speaks up "My people would have no difficulties at all restraining
>> just about anything, but they're a very long distance away. And we'd
>> probably put her in psychotherapy rather than permanent incarceration."
>> [/Anne]

> [GM]
> "Such creatures are born of evil and chaos, and seldom desire reform."
> the chief druid replies. "Perhaps, if all is accomplished, this
> creature could be delivered into the care off your people, and we
> would pray, no matter how slim the hope, for its reform. But for now,
> be on your way, and if the gods have any power left in these dark
> times, may they shield you."
> Captain von Schellburg interjects, "If see is nothing else, gather
> your belongings. One of my crew will fetch you in an hour."
> The adventurers are led back to their quarters. When they arrive, the
> elf druid Taelaen is chatting happily with some of Oz's soldiers. On
> the table are several items, all appear to be made of leaves.
> "The Tree has given you gifts!" she says. "They are blankets of
> healing, which can heal and serve as some protection. You must be well
> loved by the Tree, for never before have I seen it give so many at
> once."
> The adventurers note that each leaf has a name on it; Alex, Louissa,
> Vesper, Osmar, Anne and Ted. There are also leaves for Oz's soldiers;
> both New Camelot and mercenaries.
> There is time to pack any belongings and take a few minutes to collect
> thoughts before one of von Schellburg's comes to collect them. He's an
> odd looking fellow with greyish skin, four arms and a nose add least
> three inches wider. He is wearing an aviator's hat with two holes cut
> in the top for long grey furred ears. In an odd, thick accent he says
> "Dar Daptain wishes you do board dar ship now. Follows me."
> The crewman/thing/person leads them up several flights of stairs to a
> part of the Tree they have not visited before. Here one of the
> leylines that makes up the nexus point lies above a wide platform.
> Hovering in the air, atop the ley line, is a three masted sailing ship
> [OOC: see attached image for what the vessel looks like]. Emblazoned
> on its hull is the name "Teufelshörnchen".
> [/GM]

> [Jacek the Borg]
> Jacek laughs out loud, but says nothing else.
> [/Jacek the Borg]

> [Oz]
> Oz smiles but also doesn't comment on the ship's name.
> [/Oz]

> [GM]
> Captain von Schellburg can be seen on deck barking orders in Euro. It
> seems most of his crew must come from the Continent, since they answer
> back in the same language.
> "Erlaubnis an Bord zu kommen, Captain!" the crewman leading the company

> shouts.
> Von Schellburg looks down and sees the entire company, including Oz's
> military unit, gathered below. "Ya ya!" he shouts. "Let us hope zis is
> a short trip, or ve vill be eating der rats und your fluffy ears
> before it's done. Show zem zer quarters. We're loaded and vill be
> underway within a few minutes."
> The crewman leads the entire company up a long gangway and on to the
> ley line ship. The feeling onboard is not unlike being on an ocean
> vessel, but neither is it quite the same. There is an audible hum from
> the ley line itself, and everyone's hair seems to stand on end.
> The adventurers are each lead to quarters; three per room. The
> soldiers and mercs have to bed down in the hold among casks of wine
> and ale, and bags of grain, potatoes and other vegetables.
> The crewman instructs the company that they may come on deck if they
> wish, though they would have to stay out of the way. With that, he
> salutes and heads back on deck.
> Any members of the party below barely notice the vessel start moving
> at all. Its acceleration is incredibly smooth. For those that go
> above, the sight is stunning. The Millennium Tree slips away, and the
> ship moves out over the snowy ground far below. Above the winter sun
> has broken through the clouds, basking thee land in light. A white
> mist is rising off the river in the distance, and perhaps for the
> first time the company can see the full beauty of these enchanted
> isles. For a brief while, at least, thoughts of war are put aside.
> Within an hour, the Tree is out of sight, and below them is a vast
> forest. Here and there a small homestead surrounded by fields and, as
> a reminder of the dangers, a wall of earth, concrete or metal and
> whatever else can be scavenged is built up for protection.
> The sun is sinking low in the sky, about to pass behind a distant line
> of low mountains, when another river comes into view. On both sides of
> it is, for this part of the world, a large town. There are perhaps
> sixty or seventy buildings, evenly divided between both sides of the
> river, and surrounded by a large wall. At the very center of the town
> is an old church, with the a flag with a lion and a cow on it. The ley
> line passes just to the north of it, along a series of docks on the
> river.
> One of the crew tells the party "Zis is the River Wye, und the town is
> Belmont Abbey. Ve shall spend the night here, so if you wish, you can
> spend it at one of ze inns, or aboard the ship. Ve shall leave shortly
> after dawn tomorrow."
> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper asked Alex to stay above decks a while. He was by the rail and
> motioned her over to watch them depart from the tree. The blanket of
> fresh snow made it look as if there had not been a battle just the
> previous day. Standing first at her side then if she didn't object
> holding her and letting her lean back against him he enjoyed the
> silent flight and scenery passing below them. Waving to the tree as
> it became normal sized looking from distance.
> Later when the Captain said we could stay at an Inn or in the ship he
> asked which Alex would prefer.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "We rarely see snow in Texas. When I went north to help with the
> Chi-Town forces, I saw snow."
> She does not seem bothered too much by the height, no worse than using
> her sky cycle lost somewhere in the wilds of North America.
> "I don't really know where this is all going," she continues. "Magic
> does not bother me really but recently it has been from battle to
> battle, desperation to desperation. Even without that, everything that
> felt stable has come out from under foot."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "I know it has been a running battle the Splugorth are a major power
> in the world and even beyond this world. I think they must be making a
> big concentrated move or they would have taken England by now. I wish
> the Coalition luck if the Splugorth are pushing into America. Never
> thought I would say that but war tends to bring things into focus."
> "You look nice in a dress."
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "Thanks, besides I think my uniform might make you a bit nervous," she
> teases back. She looks a little trouble. "I am only a scout. Big
> troubles such as the Splugoth, I just don't know."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper smirks and whispers back, "You would be surprised I think your
> pretty hot in your deaths head pajamas. Teasing back. "Dangerously
> sexy is in this year."
> "Well I can tell you what I know about the Splugorth but I don't
> think you will like it. The people we fought are not Splugorth but
> just their slaves and servants. They are powerful beings Alien
> Intelligences who would pretend to be gods though they have enough
> power to back up such claims.There is more then one too, I have been
> to other dimensions where they are a problem. I fear we only saw a
> tiny amount of their troupes the other day. Still that loss will give
> the people of the tree time. Splugorth don't tend to be hot heads and
> after such a loss they will plan for any next attack. I guess if you
> live forever you can afford to be patient." Vesper caressed her arms
> and inhaled the scent of her hair.
> "Atlantis is the seat of the Splugorth's power here on earth. If they
> are ever to be sent packing it will take some pretty overwhelming
> force but if the Splugorth bite off more then they can chew and upset
> enough people they might just face combined forces which could do it.
> Heck the Coalition made a mistake hating magic so much just think if
> I opened a rift to some Atlantis city the Coalition could fire a
> barrage of missiles through it. Unfortunatly the Splugorth due value
> both magic and technology. Right now I think I prefer thinking about
> you. Your far more attractive."
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Squeezing his hand, "If you don't want to talk about the Splugorth, I
> don't mind." In reality, her tone is more like 'I would actually prefer
> not to talk about the Splugorth.'
> "If you don't mind tell me, why did you decide to study magic? I don't
> believe you are one of those with innate magic," the red headed scout
> continues. "Was it that your family are wizards?"
> "Most of my family did not have much interest in the military," she
> adds. "As much as I love me home, I do like traveling and enjoy the
> wilderness. Could do with being shot at a little less however. Glad I
> was not born near Chi-Town though, they are nuts up there."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> He nods, "Yes my parents were both Mages, respectable ones my father
> was a line walker, and mother a ley line rifter. I had a wanderlust
> though I could have stayed back home and become part of the whole
> power structure but there was a whole world out there and through my
> studies I discovered there were more worlds then just our own. When I
> chose to be a Shifter it surprised everyone it is not generally
> considered one of the respectable arts because it goes beyond the
> world. I guess in a way were not too different we both like to see
> new places, you with skill and knowledge of the woodlands and me with
> my magic." His thumb caressed her hand.
> "It took a long time to learn to be a Shifter, luckily my parents
> started me young learning the basics of magic. I never knew any
> society lived or even could live without magic. So the Coalition when
> I learned about it fascinated me. To me living without magic would be
> like taking my eyes and ears from me, they have become so much a part
> of me."
> "I come from America too originally even though I settled down among
> the fey here for a while, their magic is quite different from what I
> am used to. They seem as much a part of the world of magic as
> dragons."
> "What made you join the Coalition then ? To see the world ? or
> protect humanity or something else ?" He asked genuinely curious.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "As a young girl, I wanted to be a wilderness scout. I always loved the
> wilderness," Alex responds. "The Coalition offered to train me for the
> wilderness. While most of the farm folks don't have the hatred of magic
> that city folk might, in general the Coalition did a lot of good. If
> not, we would get overrun quickly."
> "Lonestar is a bit different than Chi-Town," she continues. "We are
> expected to learn how to read and the value intelligence as much as
> following orders. My team was consider elite and we were sent north to
> help support forces which were suppose to attack the Xiticix. The troops
> which were suppose to support were prison scum, ill trained rabble. Our
> CO had pissed of somebody high up in the Chi-Town chain. He was killed
> and as he died asked me to get the survivors out. I was able to get
> several others out but unfortunately, I don't know where everybody else.
> I hope they are still alive though."
> "I have to be honest, while I don't have the hatred of magic that I have
> seen from others, magic did make me a bit nervous. Still does bother me
> a little bit," she adds. "Techno-wizards are generally the easiest
> because they generally use guns and armor, just boosted with magic."
> "I have heard a lot of stories about shifters?" she asks dubiously.
> "Tend to be considered more dangerous, more likely to deal with dark
> forces?"
> [/Alex]

> [Oz]
> Oz issues his orders to the sergeant and Jacek over the radio. "Tell
> the men they have leave for the evening but they are to report back to
> the ship before midnight. Use the buddy system; everybody going
> downside is responsible for their partner. No one is sleeping off
> ship; we'll come looking for anyone who decides to stay out past
> curfew. No guard duty tonight; we'll let the sailors stand their own
> watches."
> [/Oz]

"You heard Sir Oz, lads!" the sergeant shouts. "Have some fun, but not
too much fun, and watch yerselves. This is an allied settlement, an'
we're on the King's business!"

Jacek gives similar orders, in a grimmer and more ominous tone. "Make
no fools of yourselves, and like the Lord Commander says, be back by

> [Oz]
> The German knight looks over at Ithdalkal and gestures at the town.
> "Have you been in an English country town before? This would be a good
> opportunity for you to have a controlled encounter with civilians, if
> you care to accompany me."
> [/Oz]

The blind warrior woman lights up. "Yes." she says. "I would like that."

OOC: I'm assuming Oz won't object to going into the town.

> [Ted]
> Ted decides to remain aboard tonight.
> [/Ted]

Though Louissa momentarily seems to want to go into the town, she too
opts to stay aboard.

OOC: Okay, I'm splitting the group up. Oz (along with Ithdalkal),
Alex, Vesper, and Oz's soldiers and mercenaries will go into town,
while Ted and Louissa will remain onboard. I haven't heard from Anne
yet, so her player can decide which she does and post it into the
appropriate thread.

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