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OOC: There is no weapon's shop per se, but there is a general store
that, at least from the window, looks to have a tolerably decent
selection of fire arms. The sign on the store also announces that
there is an armorer in residence.

There is also a "chop shop" advertising "First Rate Used NGR Quality Bionics".

There's a used vehicle dealer called "Honest Edwins"

There's a fortune teller called "Madame Zanwe", though there's a
picture of a naked woman on a side entrance with several of Oz's
soldiers and the ship's crew lining up.

There's a round building that looks a lot like a small Roman arena,
called Mercenary's Fortune, with a sign lit up announcing "Tonight's
Fight - Kung-raka the D-Bee Tankman vs. Any Who Dare Fight Him!"

Aaron Clausen

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 8:35 PM,  <difdi at comcast.net> wrote:
> OOC: I was holding off on a reply in case an obvious plot hook occurred, but
> one didn't.
> IC: Anne will go into the town rather than remaining on board.  She'll make
> her way up towards the town's church, window shopping as she goes, and may
> stop in if there is anything of interest in the shops.
> OOC: Aside from the magic shop, what shops are present?
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> [GM]
> As Oz, Ithdalkal, Vesper and Alex disembark, a whole unit of soldiers
> and mercenaries are eagerly getting off as well. While the Hoburne Hill
> Millennium Tree may have been a fascinating place to visit, Belmont
> Abbey seems like a somewhat less devout and peaceful place, and more
> like the kind of town where one might find a decent mug of ale.
> As described before, the town has about seventy buildings; including
> houses, a couple of inns, a number of shops, including what looks like a
> genuine magic store. A fairly new concrete bridge crosses the River Wye
> into the other half of Belmont Abbey, which seems more residential.
> The town is surrounded by a hall wall [OOC: looks megadamage] with
> several laser and rail gun emplacements, with armed sentries patrolling
> the walls. The highway which runs east west goes right through the east
> gate of the city, over the bridge, through the other half of the town
> and out through the west gate. The river seems to have been widened
> here, and there are a number of moorages where shallow draft river boats
> and barges are docked. Above it all is the ley line, which basks the
> twilight town in its bluish light; so bright that one can see his shadow
> by it.
> All in all it seems a prosperous place, clearly a bit of trading hub.
> Captain von Schellburg, who joins the adventurers, explains "Zis is one
> of ze last major outposts before entering Wales. It is ruled by ze
> Bishop of Belmont Abbey, a very cunning man who has made alliances with
> several other small towns to form ze River Wye League. Ze League is
> allied with New Camelot, but is independent, and also has some treaties
> with, how do you say, less desirable settlements, including an Orc
> settlement in ze hills to ze west of here. Ze Bishop is a harsh but fair
> man, but he looks out for his people and for ze League first, and others
> second, so be warned. Do not antagonize other visitors here, even if
> some try with you, or you may find yourself in ze dungeons below ze Abbey."
> Much as the Captain stated, there is a party of Orcs, dressed in
> mismatched armor, sitting outside the first inn they come across. The
> inn, the Feckless Centaur, looks like a bit of dive, with a couple of
> people already thrown out and snoring in the mud. Up the road further is
> a better place, with the elegant name The Abbey's Retreat. It's this inn
> that the Captain seems to be aiming for, though several of Oz's soldiers
> along with the Captain's crew are making for the Feckless Centaur.
> [/GM]
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