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IC: Anne will look around for a priest, and if there is one handy, approach him and inquire as to the exact denomination of the Abbey. 

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The main entrance of the Abbey looms before them. It looks newer than 
the rest of the building, and is a wide staircase; at least a hundred 
feet in width, with wide stairs. A great oaken door that seems to 
shimmer, possibly from sort of enchantment, opens into the dark 
cavernous space within. The bells of the Abbey are ringing now, and 
people are flocking to the entrance. 

All in all, the building is spectacular... almost too spectacular, 
considering the quaint English frontier nature of the rest of the 
town. There is wealth in the town of Belmont Abbey, but this building, 
and its recent renovations and expansion must surely have consumed 
many years worth of taxes on trade along the road and the river. 
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