[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper and Alex] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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>> [GM]
>> The magic store is a bit of an oddball building, looking to have been
>> carved, or, considering the very smooth and rounded lines of the
>> building, possibly grown from living rock. It is a two story structure
>> with several doors and windows, none round or square and all at odd
>> angles and in strange shapes. A sign above what probably is the main
>> door (which is five-sided) is neon and announces it as "Keldon and
>> Sons Magic and Items of Interest". There appears to be no electrical
>> cable leading between the sign, which seems to float about six inches
>> of the wall of the building, and the building itself.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "I don't have a major problem going into a magic store," Alex responds,
> smiling at some thoughts.
> As she walks into the store, one might remark that she is wearing
> Coalition style body armor even if it has been repainted. Don't know if
> they will be knowledgeable of her armor though. Interestingly as well,
> she has a number of magic items.
> Otherwise, she does not think there is anything she can afford but will
> still look around. While looking around, "We do have interests in
> getting this Dwarven iron though to help contain the demon."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper heads into the shop to look around at the various wares.
> Saying hello to any of the shop keeps.
> He tries to see if there are any recognizable magical items there at
> the shop.
> "Don't worry Alex I will try not to take long here."
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "Not worried, just wanted to remind you," the red headed scout responds.
> "Had to reminded by mom a few times when we were shopping for groceries."
> "Just think though, how would a magic shop on our continent react to
> somebody coming in dressed in Coalition Body Armor? Not the older stuff
> but the new issue stuff?
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "Well probably abject horror, you see to many d bees and mages in
> America, the Coalition are the demons who kick down your doors and
> line you up for execution.  So in a lot of ways the Coalition were
> our bogie men.  Children used to be told the Coalition would get them
> if they didn't behave. I know the Coalition demonized us too so, it's
> a shame really don't know why Dunscon the first ever went mad the way
> he did and attacked the Coalition but were living in the world
> wrought by such things now."
> He squeezed her hand gently caressing her fingers.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "Well, I did always consider the obsession with skulls and skeletons to
> be a bit bizarre," the red headed scout responds. "In the less settled
> places, mages were not feared like they are in cities. Granted, if a
> patrol sees you, they will not be friendly. Officially though, they did
> not even like the Cyber Knights and we were always glad when they visited."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "Yeah whats up with the skull look, I guess your higher ups liked the
> psychological impact but thats almost a necromancer thing. As for
> Cyberknights I have met a few. I like them at least the ones I have
> met." He teasingly nudges Alex, "And if you had come around and taken
> your helmet off I know I would have liked you a lot." He stroked her
> red hair.
> In the shop he let his eyes drift about to the various things. Vesper
> didn't know where they would go next or what they would face on the
> way. He had heard talk of dwarves and mines. To the shop keep he
> asked about the mans wares and prices.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "I don't know what is up with the skull look other than death to our
> enemies," Alex responds. "Bothers me most actually though are skelebots.
> When they were assigned to us, always got a shiver myself." Otherwise
> she smiles and does not mind the idea of at least a quick kiss.
> "I don't think you remember Sir Osiris (ooc: Hope I got the name wrong)
> but was with the group I started off with on this strange adventure. I
> saw a few as a kid but really not have met many."
> [/Alex]

OOC: Excellent memory Kitsune!

> [Vesper]
> "I remember he was a very old man. Some kind of temporal accident
> occured with him right ?"
> [/Vesper]

As Alex and Vesper are talking, they walk into the shop, which is, on 
the inside, even more bizarre than the outside. The walls seem to curve 
in impossible angles; upside down arches, stairs that start half way up 
the wall and disappear into the ceiling, windows hanging from the 
ceiling and seeming to show exteriors wholly unrelated to the town 
outside. There are organically-shaped shelves filled with scrolls, 
talismen, books and all other manner of object, device and enchanted 

In the center of this chaotic scene is a six-eyed... well, for lack of a 
better word... octopus. The creature is about four feet tall, and, if 
splayed completely out, would probably cover about fifteen feet square. 
Its tentacles terminate in three digited "hands". Some of the tentacles 
have scrolls and books, and all but one of the eyes is busy reading them.

 From an unseen mouth, the creature speaks. "Ah, welcome welcome!" it 
says in perfectly cultured aristocratic English. "You are strangers, I 
perceive, newly arrived, and, if I am not mistaken, never seen before. 
Welcome to Keldon and Sons. I am Keldon, and my sons Tweth and Twelp, 
are busy organizing the technowizard section." Keldon points a tentacle 
over to the far back of the shop, where two nearly identical creatures 
are analyzing a number of TW devices; some guns, or near enough to guns, 
one a grey box with several blinking lights, and another looking like a 
portable computer with too many wires hanging out the back.

"Now," Keldon says, "how may I be of service?"

Aaron Clausen

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