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Vesper looks to Alex concern on his face, "Are you alright ?" 

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Vesper looks to Alex concern on his face, "Are you alright ?" 

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Unable to help herself, Alex takes a step back. She then realizes that 
her sense of danger is not screaming at her.
"I am sorry," she responds, sounding
 genuinely apologetic although still 

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> [GM]
> As Alex and Vesper are talking, they walk into the shop, which is, on 
> the inside, even more bizarre than the outside. The walls seem to 
> curve in impossible angles; upside down arches, stairs that start half 
> way up the wall and disappear into the ceiling, windows hanging from 
> the ceiling and seeming to show exteriors wholly unrelated to the town 
> outside. There are organically-shaped shelves filled with scrolls, 
> talismen, books and all other manner of object, device and enchanted 
> jewelry.
> In the
 center of this chaotic scene is a six-eyed... well, for lack of 
> a better word... octopus. The creature is about four feet tall, and, 
> if splayed completely out, would probably cover about fifteen feet 
> square. Its tentacles terminate in three digited "hands". Some of the 
> tentacles have scrolls and books, and all but one of the eyes is busy 
> reading them.
> From an unseen mouth, the creature speaks. "Ah, welcome welcome!" it 
> says in perfectly cultured aristocratic English. "You are strangers, I 
> perceive, newly arrived, and, if I am not mistaken, never seen before. 
> Welcome to Keldon and Sons. I am Keldon, and my sons Tweth and Twelp, 
> are busy organizing the technowizard section." Keldon points a 
 tentacle over to the far back of the shop, where two nearly identical 
> creatures are analyzing a number of TW devices; some guns, or near 
> enough to guns, one a grey box with several blinking lights, and 
> another looking like a portable computer with too many wires hanging 
> out the back.
> "Now," Keldon says, "how may I be of service?"
> [/GM]
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