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[Vesper] Presents the Splugorth staff one of the ones he has, "Would you be willing to accept something like this in trade ? As a master of dimensional magics myself I would be fascinated to learn some temporal magics to add to my repertoire."  He didn't really like the Splugorths weapons there was just something a bit unwholesome about them and the strange creatures floating in them.

Hearing about the mystic cosmetics he gave Alex an interested look curious to see if she would want to try something that no Coalition Soldier he ever knew (Not that he knew many) would ever go for.

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>> [GM]
>> As Alex and Vesper are talking, they walk into the shop, which is, on
>> the inside, even more bizarre than the outside. The walls seem to curve
>> in impossible angles; upside down arches, stairs that start half way up
>> the wall and disappear into the ceiling, windows hanging from the
>> ceiling and seeming to show exteriors wholly unrelated to the town
>> outside. There are organically-shaped shelves filled with scrolls,
>> talismen, books and all other manner of object, device and enchanted
>> jewelry.
>> In the center of this chaotic scene is a six-eyed... well, for lack of a
>> better word... octopus. The creature is about four feet tall, and, if
>> splayed completely out, would probably cover about fifteen feet square.
>> Its tentacles terminate in three digited "hands". Some of the tentacles
>> have scrolls and books, and all but one of the eyes is busy reading them.
>> From an unseen mouth, the creature speaks. "Ah, welcome welcome!" it
>> says in perfectly cultured aristocratic English. "You are strangers, I
>> perceive, newly arrived, and, if I am not mistaken, never seen before.
>> Welcome to Keldon and Sons. I am Keldon, and my sons Tweth and Twelp,
>> are busy organizing the technowizard section." Keldon points a tentacle
>> over to the far back of the shop, where two nearly identical creatures
>> are analyzing a number of TW devices; some guns, or near enough to guns,
>> one a grey box with several blinking lights, and another looking like a
>> portable computer with too many wires hanging out the back.
>> "Now," Keldon says, "how may I be of service?"
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Unable to help herself, Alex takes a step back. She then realizes that
> her sense of danger is not screaming at her.
> "I am sorry," she responds, sounding genuinely apologetic although still
> nervious.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper looks to Alex concern on his face, "Are you alright ?"
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "I am fine," she responds. "Just there is this video in Lone Star of
> some kind of creature with some similarity to this gentleman. The
> leaders claim it is a fake but they seem to be awful invested in it. It
> is tearing what looks like a lab apart with bodies all around it. Rumor
> is that it is a creation of the bio-labs and went out of control. Rumors
> also claim the video was smuggled out."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper nodded, "Ahhh well yes we have rather been fighting a lot of
> things with tentacles lately.  I can understand it." he said quietly
> to Alex.  Then he turned to the shopkeeper, "Sir, what is the
> specialty of your shop ?  What items do you have for sale and do you
> accept trade ?"
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Otherwise, Alex basically just tries to keep quiet. When alright with
> most creatures, when they get too strange, they just seem wrong to her.
> Best think is to just try to go with the flow. Obviously he needs some
> gear from here.
> [/Alex]

Keldon laughs, or at least that's what the gurgling sound coming from 
his unseen mouth probably is. "I would have said you were from the New 
German Republic, but Lone Star makes more sense. I will say, m'lady, 
that you react better than some Coalition types have." He turns around 
and reveals the stump of a tentacle. "This old wound is thanks to a 
young Dead Head who took a, how shall I put it, more worried view of my 

"Now, my good people." Keldon says, hopping off the counter and standing 
on about half of his tentacles. "We carry all types of items and spells, 
but my specialty is temporal magic; spells, enchantments and, if I do 
say so myself, a couple of awfully clever Technowizard devices, thanks 
to Twelp."

"And," he says, giving Alex a somewhat disconcerting wink with three of 
his eyes, "I carry a line of enchanted cosmetics that you might be 
interested in. After all, m'lady," Keldon says knowingly, "you don't 
seem quite so stunned of the mystic as one would expect from someone 
from the Coalition."

Aaron Clausen
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