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Speaking up, the red headed scout states,  "I have to be honest, I am 
not sure that I have much money I can spend here. Coalition credits 
don't spend real well here. "
She pauses for a few moments before continues, "Kind of curious though, 
what does enchanted cosmetics do?"

ooc: She had some captured jewelry but I believe she spent in on getting 
a force field generator for her armor.

On 01/27/2014 22:41, Peter Perkins wrote:
> [Vesper] Presents the Splugorth staff one of the ones he has, "Would 
> you be willing to accept something like this in trade ? As a master of 
> dimensional magics myself I would be fascinated to learn some temporal 
> magics to add to my repertoire."  He didn't really like the Splugorths 
> weapons there was just something a bit unwholesome about them and the 
> strange creatures floating in them.
> Hearing about the mystic cosmetics he gave Alex an interested look 
> curious to see if she would want to try something that no Coalition 
> Soldier he ever knew (Not that he knew many) would ever go for.
> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> Keldon laughs, or at least that's what the gurgling sound coming from
> his unseen mouth probably is. "I would have said you were from the New
> German Republic, but Lone Star makes more sense. I will say, m'lady,
> that you react better than some Coalition types have." He turns around
> and reveals the stump of a tentacle. "This old wound is thanks to a
> young Dead Head who took a, how shall I put it, more worried view of my
> appearance."
> "Now, my good people." Keldon says, hopping off the counter and standing
> on about half of his tentacles. "We carry all types of items and spells,
> but my specialty is temporal magic; spells, enchantments and, if I do
> say so myself, a couple of awfully clever Technowizard devices, thanks
> to Twelp."
> "And," he says, giving Alex a somewhat disconcerting wink with three of
> his eyes, "I carry a line of enchanted cosmetics that you might be
> interested in. After all, m'lady," Keldon says knowingly, "you don't
> seem quite so stunned of the mystic as one would expect from someone
> from the Coalition."
> [/GM]

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