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"Were not of the Splugorth. Who are you ?"

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 Anne leaves her rifle where it is, as it's too
 cumbersome for a boarding action.  She draws her sidearm,
 and looks over the rail nearest where the noise came from. 
 If she can see the top of the attached line from where she
 is, she'll hold position.  If she can't see it,
 she'll climb over the rail and move down the hull until
 she can -- to anyone watching the latter action, she seems
 to be walking and standing on the hull in a way that defies
 OOC: If she does go for a walk on
 the hull, she's actually flying but in a way that will
 disguise what ability she's using.  No need to give any
 potential enemies intel they don't need after all.  She
 suspects more dwarves, but no need to take chances.  Recall
 the scenes from various Superman comics/cartoons/movies
 where the guy is climbing the building and suddenly sees red
 boots standing on the sheer wall.  That's about the
 effect I'm going for here.
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 Chapter XV - Wales
 >> [Louissa]
  >> "We do have a flying boat."
 Louissa says. "But
  >> maybe
 there is some other way in here besides
 >> the front door. I know in Poughkeepsie fortified
  >> towns like this have secret escape
  >> These are dwarfs, do
 they're experts at digging,
  >> [/Louissa]>> [GM]
  >> As the
 party debate next moves, they suddenly
 >> hear noises behind them, coming from the
  >> direction they just came. Ted's
 acute hearing
  >> suggests several
 individuals moving in a semi
 circle to surround them.
  >> On the ship, Anne and the sergeant
 both see
  >> movement in the forest.
 They can't make it out
  >> who is
 surrounding their comrades, as whoever
 >> they are, they are well camouflaged. Whoever
  >> they are, they are moving to surround
 the party.
  >> [/GM]> [Oz]
  > Oz shuts his
 faceplate, talking over the radio as
 he moves to take cover. He gives a mental
 > command through his headjack to enable his
  > new armor's active camouflage
 utility. "Scatter
  > and get back to
 the ship. Don't get bogged down,
 keep moving!" He switches to the encrypted
  > channel his soldiers use. "Sergeant,
 we might
  > need supporting fire in a
 second. Do not engage
  > until my signal;
 if the Splugorth spot the ship we
 might be done."
  > [/Oz]> OOC: Prowl check for Oz. He takes -5% on
  >  check from the armor but the
 active camo gives
  > -20% to anyone
 trying to spot him.OOC: prowl skill at
 4%!> [Anne]
  > Anne
 keys her radio, on the group's frequency
  > "Heads up! You have a number of
  > converging on your position
 from all sides, size
  > looks like
 dwarves." She'll stand ready to cover
  > the group, but for the moment holds her
  > [/Anne][GM]
  "Aye Sir, we see them." The sergeant
 responds. "The lady here thinks they're dwarves.
 You might be in danger anyways if they think you're with
 the Splugorth. We've got fire ready on your
  > Using the night vision feature
 of her armor, Alex
  > also looks around
 to see what is around them. If
  > they
 are within 60 feet, she will also use 'See
  > Aura' from her dagger
  > [/Alex][GM]
  They're definitely humanoid, and very
 short of state, no more than 4 and a half feet tall.The blade revealed that there are ten humanoids,
 all but two of them off low base PPE, one has psychic
 abilities, and all have aberrations.The
 blade informs Alex ~These are dwarves, I am certain. ~
  [/GM]> [Vesper]
  > Vesper heard the message and looked to
  > others he lowered himself and
 said, "Alright I am 
  > going to use
 camouflage on anyone who wants
 it." He casts it on Alex first unless she objects
  > then others that request it.
  > [/Vesper]> [Alex]
  > The scout simply nods
 > [/Alex]OOC: I'll assume that Ted
 agrees to be camouflaged as well. His player can let me know
 if he chooses otherwise.[GM]
  There's a whistle, and the figures stop
 advancing. Suddenly one of the figures advance into view. It
 is a dwarf in what looks to be camouflage armor similar to
 Oz's. The dwarf raises a hand and says "If you are
 Splugorth, I did, but so do you. Name yourselves." The
 voice is female. "Are you invaders or
 friends?"Meanwhile, as Anne is trying
 to watch what is going on, there's a loud THUNK on the
 hull of the ship. One of the crew shouts "Someone has
 attached a rope or line of some kind!"
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