[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XV - Wales

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"We were going to see if we could help out but the Splugorths numbers are too many. Unless you have some
intelligence on their numbers, and the forces that are in there I am afraid we arrived too late."

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 >> [GM]
 >> There's a whistle, and the figures stop advancing.
 Suddenly one of the
 >> figures advance into view. It is a dwarf in what
 looks to be camouflage
 >> armor similar to Oz's. The dwarf raises a hand and
 says "If you are
 >> Splugorth, I did, but so do you. Name yourselves."
 The voice is female.
 >> "Are you invaders or friends?"
 >> [/GM]
 > [Vesper]
 > "Were not of the Splugorth. Who are you ?"
 > [/Vesper]
 > [Alex]
 > The ex-Coalition ranger keeps quiet at the moment and
 lets Vesper speak.
 > She will keep a count on where the Dwarves are in case
 this becomes a
 > hairball
 > [/Alex]
 > [Oz]
 > Like Alex, Oz remains silent and hidden, letting Vesper
 speak for them
 > and keep the dwarves' attention. He does draw his
 shotgun off his
 > back, though, slowly and as silently as he can manage.
 > [/Oz]
 > [Ted]
 > Ted keeps his rifle ready, but lowered, while listening
 to the exchange.
 > [/Ted]
 The answer is a few tense moments in coming. "We are what's
 left of
 the defenders of this settlement." the female dwarf answers.
 "We are
 preparing are final assault. Doubtless we shall die in the
 battle, but
 our death will be glorious."
 Another dwarf, who sounds rather young, pipes up "Unless
 you've got
 some better idea!"
 >> [GM]
 >> Meanwhile, as Anne is trying to watch what is going
 on, there's a loud
 >> THUNK on the hull of the ship. One of the crew
 shouts "Someone has
 >> attached a rope or line of some kind!"
 >>  [/GM]
 > [Anne]
 > Anne leaves her rifle where it is, as it's too
 cumbersome for a boarding
 > action. She draws her sidearm, and looks over the rail
 nearest where the
 > noise came from. If she can see the top of the attached
 line from where she
 > is, she'll hold position. If she can't see it, she'll
 climb over the rail and move
 > down the hull until she can -- to anyone watching the
 latter action, she
 > seems to be walking and standing on the hull in a way
 that defies gravity.
 > [/Anne]
 She sees three dwarfs, in heavy armor, hoisting themselves
 up the
 line, while another, on the ground, seems to be preparing to
 another grappling line.
 All of them stop as soon as they Anne.
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