[Taocow PBEM] [Anne] Book 3 - Chapter XV - Wales

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>> [GM]
>> She sees three dwarfs, in heavy armor, hoisting themselves up the
>> line, while another, on the ground, seems to be preparing to fire
>> another grappling line.
>> All of them stop as soon as they Anne.
>> [/GM]

> As she walks down the hull to the grapnel attachment point, Anne
> calls down to the dwarves "We're not Splugorth Minions.  I suspect
> we might even be on the same side."  She holsters her pistol as she
> reaches the rope.  "Climbing that can't be very pleasant in armor, let
> me give you a hand."  She grabs the rope, cuts it free of the grapnel
> and flies straight up until the dwarves are level with the rail (and the
> heavy weapons squad).  "I do hope you three aren't enemies."
> [/Anne]

The dwarfs take a moment before responding. One of them finally says
"You do not look like Splugorth." They then accept Anne's assistance,
and, once on deck, and seeing several humanoids among the crew, and
more importantly seeing members of the New Camelot military, relief
comes across their faces.

"Our apologies." one the dwarfs, a male who might be thirty or fifty
or one hundred and fifty, says. "My name is Balthan of Clan Marand.
These are my kinsmen, Kald and Verik. We are the remnants of our
settlement's defenders, and truth be told, we were hoping to
commandeer your ship for a last desperate attack. But seeing as New
Camelot military is here, we would like to officially request your
assistance under the mutual defense treaty we have with them."

The sergeant seems less than impressed. "So this was an act of piracy,
until you found it we might be friends. Now it's a request for our

The sergeant turns to Anne. "I will have to communicate this to Sir
Osmar, milady. I won't lead my troops into a suicide mission without
direct orders."

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