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Looking at Jacek, Alex responds, "I can fix the armor but nothing like 
that. Sorry I am not of much help there. I think even a cyber-doc would 
just want to replace the damage parts not repair."

She will look if there is anything she can do safely to give an partial 
function back to anything using armorer / basic mechanics. Otherwise, 
the red headed ranger does not mess with anything.

Turning back towards  Vesper, "Not much we can do. Some people may be 
able to escape in the confusion, we gave them that at least. If the 
bishop had warned them instead of playing games, most of the people 
might have escaped. Never deal with the Splugorth, they will always back 
stab you."

Deciding to not say anything, she still gives Oz a look for shooting 
down the bishop.  As tempting as it might have been, she cannot really 

Does look even more suspiciously at Anne,  "Surprised they just dis not 
make you disappear.  Dead women tell no tales."

"those who burn books will, in the end, burn people."
- Written by Poet Heinrich Heine whose books were burned
by the Nazis

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