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Mon Jun 2 14:01:37 UTC 2014

> As Vesper speaks, Jacek the Borg, leaning on the rail, points out his
> damaged leg and obliterated arm. "My injuries are not life
> threatening, though until I can facilitate repair, I may be of limited
> use."

Oz nods at Jacek. "The dwarves may know a little something about
bionics. We'll get you patched up."

> "If you do want boats," she continues, "this town appears to have
> several. I hate to lose a lot of well-armed and battle experienced
> people, especially now that the Captain is..." at that point tears
> begin to well up, and she has to pause a moment. "Look, we've lost
> most of our crew, and with the Captain gone, this ship doesn't have an
> owner. But neither does it have much money. I can recommend to what's
> left of the crew that we go into some sort of partnership with you.
> You provide security, we'll do our delivery, and then we cash out your
> share, or stay on, or whatever. What do you all think?"

"As a counter proposal, I just lost a good proportion of my unit and
find myself in need of both transportation and soldiers." Oz puts out
a hand to offer to shake with the ship spokeswoman. "Osmar Wolz,
Knight Commander of His Majesty's armed forces of New Camelot. Would
you be interested in entering the king's service?"

Oz trusts Ithdalkal to deal with the stranger, letting her do the
talking while he deals with the ship's crew.

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