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Wed Jun 4 16:28:42 UTC 2014

> The woman pauses for a moment, and then pulls out a short vibro sword
> and offers it to Oz.
> "My name is Second Mate and acting captain Debra Neeson." she says in
> a formal voice. "I pledge this ship and her crew to your king, and
> swear to protect your companions and anyone you name a friend, if you
> will have us, milord."

The German knight, not so far removed from his own battlefield
dubbing, takes Neeson's sword. "In the name of good king Arr'thu, Lord
of New Avalon, Protector of the British Isles, I accept your service,
your ship, and the service of your crew. In his name, for your valor
and service, I name you Knight Companion Debra Neeson and assign you
the rank of Commander in His Majesty's Naval Service and command of
this vessel. Kneel if you would accept these honors." (Assuming she
kneels:) Oz touches her lightly on either shoulder with her unpowered
vibroblade. "Rise, Dame Neeson, and wield your weapons- this sword and
this ship- in defense on the realm."

> Oz's sergeant looks approving upon this. "Sir," he says with a smile,
> "you may be the best recruiter the King ever had! By the time we go
> back to New Camelot, we'll have a bloody army, navy and airforce."

Oz gives the sergeant a wry grin. "Necessity was ever the mother of
invention, sergeant. I'll take on anyone who can point a gun if they
want to help us fight the aliens." He claps the sergeant on the
shoulder. "Don't think I've forgotten about you, either. I'll have a
commendation written up for you when I send off Dame Neeson's honors
to the capitol."

> As they are talking, they actually see, off in the distance, a
> Splugorth hover troop transport, and it appears the Kydians are
> actually in retreat. Perhaps this town has a brief reprieve.
> The remaining crew set to work, and quickly the ship begins to glide
> back towards the ley line, its mystic batteries nearly exhausted by
> the time hovering over the town.

Oz, surprisingly, frowns at the sight. "What are they retreating
from?" He turns up the telescopic vision on his helmet display and
tries to figure out what had scared off the kydians.

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