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The red headed ranger nods her head in acceptance. A good percentage of 
the soldiers she deals with have bionic or cybernetic hearing boosts. 
Doesn't really mind letting out in the open since it is there.

"I believe that there is some concern with the close relationship with 
the Kydians." She fumbles just a little with that word, not being a 
familiar term for her. "I am from the Coalition which those who practice 
magic have good reason to distrust.  There is a lot of distrust for 
those who are minions of Atlantis as well?"

Alex will ask her dagger to do a quick 'See Aura' on Anne. If Anne is a 
non psychic, the ranger will use telepathy to scan surface thoughts 
although will probe no deeper.

ooc: Will likely post more on other issues but just wanted to at least 
respond to this part

On 06/04/2014 13:33, Bergman Oswell wrote:
> OOC: whoops, hit send too soon.  Please add this to my other post.
> IC: Anne answers Alex's comment about disappearances "They might have, but if they had time to check in with their base about my claims, they'd know their chances of doing so without my being able to send a final report to my superiors would be slim and none.  Just as I don't want to get in trouble with my superiors for jeopardizing my home world's business relationships, Kydians don't want that kind of trouble either.  If I were attacking them it would be another matter, but I didn't do that."
> When Vesper and Alex have their low voiced conversation about her, she raises her voice a bit and says to no one in particular "I have augmented hearing.  And I don't mind questions."

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