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ooc: Sorry I mean to get to this earlier but got distracted.
If Alex senses psychic talents, she is not going to try probing with 

ic: Much of the 'Jargon', for lack of a better term, is kind of beyond 
the ex-Coalition Ranger. Not that she is stupid but just lacks the frame 
of reference.

"There are a lot of reasons why the group should not trust me either," 
the red headed scout states. "I am blunt so will not beat around the 
bush. As easily as you seem to have been released by the Splugorth 
minions, there is concern that you may be their ally and working with 
them on the ambush."

She takes a deep breath, "Anything you can give as assurances?"

On 06/05/2014 10:01, Bergman Oswell wrote:
> OOC: Anne has a rather odd aura.  It shows signs of possession but at the same time there is no trace of any original occupant and the possessing entity matches the body -- as if Anne were possessing her own body somehow.  The body is not magical, psionic or supernatural in any way, but the possessing entity (while not magical) is both psionic and very supernatural.  Low PPE.  Neither appears to be sick, and she appears to be low level.
> IC: "Understandable, they have a very bad and completely deserved reputation pretty much everywhere.  They're organized crime in a major way.  But they also have an unparalleled inter-dimensional trade and travel network, that they're willing to rent out if you have enough money.  My home world is a newcomer to faster than light travel, and its surrounded by huge, very old, very powerful spacefaring civilizations.  If we want to expand, we have to go extra-dimensional or not at all.  But to do that, we need to study places like Earth, and to get here efficiently, we need the Splugorth.  As for magic, that's what you call engineering you don't understand yet.  The universe makes no distinction.  Past a certain point of scientific development, nobody else does either.  Despite an odd blind spot where it came to FTL technologies, my home world was just over that line at First Contact."
> IC -- Conditional: If Alex uses telepathy, she gets a two-way link instead of a surface scan, as Anne is also telepathic.  "Hi!  Was there something you wanted to discuss privately?"
>> On Jun 4, 2014, at 2:15 PM, Kitsune <kitsunefx at netzero.net> wrote:
>> [Alex]
>> The red headed ranger nods her head in acceptance. A good percentage of the soldiers she deals with have bionic or cybernetic hearing boosts. Doesn't really mind letting out in the open since it is there.
>> "I believe that there is some concern with the close relationship with the Kydians." She fumbles just a little with that word, not being a familiar term for her. "I am from the Coalition which those who practice magic have good reason to distrust.  There is a lot of distrust for those who are minions of Atlantis as well?"
>> Alex will ask her dagger to do a quick 'See Aura' on Anne. If Anne is a non psychic, the ranger will use telepathy to scan surface thoughts although will probe no deeper.
>> [/Alex]
>> ooc: Will likely post more on other issues but just wanted to at least respond to this part
>>> On 06/04/2014 13:33, Bergman Oswell wrote:
>>> OOC: whoops, hit send too soon.  Please add this to my other post.
>>>   IC: Anne answers Alex's comment about disappearances "They might have, but if they had time to check in with their base about my claims, they'd know their chances of doing so without my being able to send a final report to my superiors would be slim and none.  Just as I don't want to get in trouble with my superiors for jeopardizing my home world's business relationships, Kydians don't want that kind of trouble either.  If I were attacking them it would be another matter, but I didn't do that."
>>>   When Vesper and Alex have their low voiced conversation about her, she raises her voice a bit and says to no one in particular "I have augmented hearing.  And I don't mind questions."
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