[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XV - Wales

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Wed Jun 11 19:38:26 UTC 2014

On 06/11/2014 00:25, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [Ithdalkal]
> The Blind Warrior woman interjects. "I do not know Anne's race, but I 
> do know the Splugorth trade with many races. It is as Anne says; the 
> Splugorth are wicked, but they do represent one of the Megaverse's 
> greatest trading networks, and many worlds, good and evil, out of 
> necessity, must work with them. And if you should distrust her, then 
> you should distrust me, for I am a Minion, a servant up to a few days 
> ago. Perhaps, being on good terms with Lord Splynn, she may be of some 
> use to us."
> [/Ithdalkal]

"I don't worry too much, I just wanted to ask directly," Alex responds. 
"I could be some deep cover agent for the Coalition after all. Granted, 
I am not that good, but could all be part of the trick."

> [GM]
> The conversation is interrupted by the leyline ship starting to move, 
> heading back towards the ley line. Soon enough it is back on the ley 
> line, and moving westward towards Wales at great speed, leaving behind 
> the Abbey, the Kydians, and, at least for the moment pursuit.
> In fact, for the first time since the Millennium Tree, everyone can 
> relax, or at least try to. The ship moves through the night, through a 
> land of snow-covered trees and hills; entering the land that was once 
> Wales around midnight.
> It is after dawn that Neeson comes to the company and informs them "We 
> may have a problem."
> She leads them on deck and let's them look through a telescope. In the 
> distance is the walls of some great stone city, dug out of a round 
> Welsh mountain. But while the city looks like it could host hundreds, 
> if not thousands, it looks deserted, and thin columns of smoke rise 
> from it.
> "This is where the cold iron you seek is kept." Need on says. "But I 
> fear the worst, and do not wish to get any closer."
> [/GM]
"Maybe hit the ground and walk from here while you stay back?" the 
Ranger suggests. "Maybe we can find some of the cold iron on our own."

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