[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XV - Wales

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The Ranger coming out in her, Alex asks, "What kind of numbers are we 
talking about? If we are going to attack, we need to move fast. I can 
likely stay at a distance and sniper enemies."

Her mind is whirling with ideas.

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>   [GM]
>   > Atop the city walls they see Kydian guards. Splugorth
>   flags have been
>   > unfurled. From within there are cries of sorry and
>   pain; women
>   > weeping, men begging, children crying. As the company
>   watches, three
>   > Splugorth slaver barges with dozens of captive dwarfs
>   each, are taking
>   > off.
>   >
>   > And yet within lies the cold iron the company has come
>   for.
>   [/GM]
>   [Oz]
>   Oz looks at Alex and Vesper. "We can scout the town, but I
>   don't see
>   us taking any significant amount of cold iron out of there.
>   What do
>   you think? It seems like a lot of risk for not much
>   reward."
>   [/Oz]
> [Vesper]
> "What about the slaves ? Three barges is a lot but we aren't without our own firepower. If we freed the dwarves I think they would
> be more then happy to give us some cold iron. Still we need to scout and see how infested the town is with Splugorth minions.
> If there are far too many then I agree we should withdraw. Possibly attack those barges after they are far enough away they wont be getting
> immediate help."
> [/Vesper]

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