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 >> OOC: is the conversation being repeated through the
 group's radios, or is it a spoken conversation?
 > OOC:
 > I'm assuming they're just talking to each other out
 > [Alex]
 >> The Ranger coming out in her, Alex asks, "What kind
 of numbers are we talking about? If we are going to attack,
 we need to move fast. I can likely stay at a distance and
 sniper enemies."
 >> Her mind is whirling with ideas.
 > [/Alex]
 > [Oz]
 > Oz shakes his head. "They're occupying the entire town,
 as far as I
 > can see. I wouldn't assume they used all their barges
 to transport
 > slaves; there must be more vehicles behind the walls.
 I'm for a quick,
 > quiet, careful scout, avoiding a fight if at all
 possible. If this
 > turns into a fight the numbers are going to be worse
 than the dam and
 > this time we don't have a trick like that to play."
 > [/Oz]
 "I want to help them but our team is not set up for heavy
 against slavers," the red haired ranger states. "If somebody
 can come up 
 with an way of taking them on, I would like to. Otherwise,
 we can only 
 do the best we can."

"Not such a large force sadly. I want to help, no one deserves to be enslaved."
Vesper sighs, "I can't summon anything to take on a whole held city." Vesper closes his eyes for a moment
and rubs the bridge of his nose. 
"I hate not doing anything though."
"Who wishes me to cast chameleon on them, or shadow meld ?"
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