[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Anne, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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>> [GM]
>> The Archbishop's face turns as red as a tomato. He seems ready to
>> explode in anger, and then collapses back into his chair.
>> "I'm so sorry." he sobs. "I am so very very sorry."
>> Somewhere close by the sound of heavy boots moving closer can be heard.
>> Keldon, the octopus D-Bee, shouts to the Archbishop "What have you
>> done?" as he desperately fumbles to the pockets of sweater trying to
>> grab something
>> [/GM]

>> OOC1: Anybody with Sixth Sense has going off like a klaxon right now.

>> [OOC2]
>> To give a description of where the PCs are; it is a large rectangular
>> room (roughly 10 feet wide by 40 feet long). There are large windows
>> behind the Archbishop's desk overlooking gardens roughly fifteen feet
>> below (facing west). There is the door they came in (facing east), but
>> there are at least two heavily armed guards behind it. There is
>> another door at the other end of the room, to the right of where
>> they're standing (north). The south wall has tall bookshelves. The
>> ceiling is made up of paintings, save for light fixtures.
>> [/OOC2]

> [Vesper]
> Seeing the interplay between Keldon and the Archbishop his eyes
> narrow and one of his familiars confirms the danger. He casts a
> Mystic Portal from where they are out to the Gardens.
> "Everyone through now !"
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Before things hot again, she gives Vesper a quick kiss. "For luck, for
> both of us."
> Since this seems to be close quarters, she pulls her sword and dagger out.
> Otherwise, she will go through the portal. A soldier must work as part
> of a team.
> [/Alex]

> [Anne]
> Anne ignores the portal for the moment, and asks the Archbishop "Who
> are you allied with, your Grace?"
> [/Anne]

The Archbishop seems quite inconsolable, and simply sobs some more
when Anne presses him for an answer.

> [Oz]
> Oz pulls both his hand blasters, spins toward the door and gestures
> Ithdalkal through the portal. "Secure the other side of this portal.
> Radio the rest of the unit and order them back to the ship
> immediately- shore leave is canceled. Assist this Vesper and Alex in
> returning safely to the ship. Once you reach the ship, secure it and
> do not leave. Those are your orders. Go, now."
> [Oz]

"Aye sir!" the Sergeant says over the comm. Oz can hear the sergeant
ordering his men to move immediately when there's a loud explosion
over the radio.

"Sorry to inform you, sir!" the sergeant announces. "Appears there's
an ambush. Kydians by the look of 'em. Someone knew we were coming.
We'll do our best, sir, and try to fight our way to the ship..."

With that the radio goes dead.

> [/Oz]
> The German knight also waited to hear if the Archbishop wanted to
> reveal who his allies were. The Splugorth were likely, but likely
> wasn't knowing for sure. "Answer her, Archbishop!"
> [/Oz]

"The... the Splugorth." the Archbishop manages to blurt out. "They
arrived a few hours ahead of your ship, and knew some of those aboard.
I was guaranteed the safety and independence of the Abbey and its
allies if I cooperated."

> [Vesper]
> Vesper accepted Alex kiss smiling a bit after.
> Vesper knew the portal would remain open for the others to vacate.
> "Come on Keldon, Sir Oz you have a short time once your through
> I am shutting this thing."
> He grabs the staff and looks at the Archbishop, "May your God
> punish you as fitting for betraying your fellow man !"
> Vesper stepped through the portal looking for Alex and seeking to
> get them to cover.
> [/Vesper]

The Archbishop looks up at Vesper. "He already is..." he says simply.

Keldon gives the Archbishop an unrecognizable look, then nods to
Vesper. "I must save my boys." he says simply, and then plunges
through the portal.

The time for questioning has come to an end. There's a loud bang at
the door. "Open in the name of Lord Splynn!" There's a loud bang, and
then another bang, and the beautiful oaken door bursts open. Moments
later, the other door bursts open as well. Several very large and very
well armed Kydians are at both doors, and wasting no time rushing in.

OOC: I'm going to assume everyone else jumps through the portal. If
someone wishes to remain, please let me know ;)

As each member of the company steps through the portal, they find
themselves standing in the middle of a well-manicured lawn, next to a
little pond with a fountain in the middle of it. Small ornamental
trees surround them, but through the branches they can see the
building they just exited.

As Alex steps through the portal, Ted's voice comes over the comm.

"Alex, can you read me?" he asks.

As Ted is radioing Alex, Oz's sergeant is radioing him. "We're out!"
the sergeant says, his voice strained. "Lost a few lads. Somehow or
other a damned Splugorth platoon was hiding out here. I'm afraid
you'll have to give our apologies to the Archbishop, we blew up a
brothel and a pub in our escape!"

Just as Vesper is ready to close the portal, one last person leaps
through. To everyone's surprise, it's the Archbishop!

While gunfire can be heard elsewhere in the town, there seems to be no
immediate threat. Vesper's quick thinking has bought them at least a
few precious minutes, but they'll have to get over the bridge to the
other side of the river to get to the TW ship.

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