[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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>> [Oz]
>> "That can't be good," Oz mutters quietly as he
>> moves down the passageway. He pushes the
>> wooden door open with his guns and, if
>> nothings jumps him, gestures to Ithdalkal to
>> follow as he heads up the stairs.
>> [/Oz]

Oz finds himself looking up the stairs. Above he see a room, lit by
numerous small fires. Right at the top of the stairs is a badly charred
body. There are shouts, and then another person comes into view, a woman
that Oz vaguely remembers from the ship. She's shouting "We're done for!
Head for the stairs, it's our only hope!"

Oz backs away from the stairs and heads for the metal door. "They're
falling back up there. Time to try door number 2." He investigates the door
and the code lock, ready to hack it if necessary to get them inside.
[Computer Hacking: 25%]

Oz sets to work trying to crack the pin pad, and while he finds the lock
relatively easy, it will take time.

Vesper smiles inwardly Alex might have been with the Coalition at one time
but her act of sacrifice for a D Bee showed her true inner character. He
was very proud of her if anything it made him cherish her more. "Well a
vault would just be a dead end,  you sure it's not a hallway or further
tunnel just a vault Keldon ?"

Alex smiles back at him, "Can we teleport again if it comes down to it. I
can help a little with energies I think if i understand you right."
Otherwise, she begins to consider how one might fight their way out.

"If we need to I am capable of it. In a way it's a good thing I didn't sell
this ugly staff it holds mystic energy too." He says to Alex then looks to
Oz, "If that door leads to another way out though that is an option."

"Be cautious of that staff." Keldon says, "Some believe Biowizardry is a
foul art. I have some psychic batteries, though finding them in our d-boxes
could be hard.

"Have to see what else we might do," states the ex-Ranger.

Oz is working furiously to hack the pin pad when two women come running
down the stairs, one of them with a wounded man on her back. They are all
wearing the uniforms of the technowizard ship; the Teufelshörnchen.

"You're passengers on the ship." the woman says. "I gather that hallway is
no way out. Your friend is buying time for nothing." There are tears in her

Moments later a familiar face comes stumbling down the stairs; Jacek the
Borg. He has been badly damages, one arm blown off above the elbow, one leg
looking partially melted, an eye missing and the side of his metallic head
blackened and scored. His railgun is back on the ship.

"Ah, commander," he says, "you are well, as are the rest of you. I am
afraid I cannot report success. The Splugorth have... proven very strong

At the top of the stairs, movement can be seen, and then there is sound of
cannisters being thrown down the stairs, and the underground passage begins
to fill with has.

At that moment Oz successfully cracks the key pad and the metal door begins
to open very slowly...

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