[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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>> [GM]
>> Oz is working furiously to hack the pin pad when two women come running
>> down the stairs, one of them with a wounded man on her back. They are all
>> wearing the uniforms of the technowizard ship; the Teufelshörnchen.
>> "You're passengers on the ship." the woman says. "I gather that hallway is
>> no way out. Your friend is buying time for nothing." There are tears in her
>> eyes.
>> Moments later a familiar face comes stumbling down the stairs; Jacek the
>> Borg. He has been badly damages, one arm blown off above the elbow, one leg
>> looking partially melted, an eye missing and the side of his metallic head
>> blackened and scored. His railgun is back on the ship.
>> "Ah, commander," he says, "you are well, as are the rest of you. I am
>> afraid I cannot report success. The Splugorth have... proven very strong
>> indeed."
>> At the top of the stairs, movement can be seen, and then there is sound of
>> cannisters being thrown down the stairs, and the underground passage begins
>> to fill with has.
>> At that moment Oz successfully cracks the key pad and the metal door begins
>> to open very slowly...
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper almost cursed hearing the canisters and had his familiar
> telekinetically hurl them back up from where they came. "Hurry through the
> door, damn Jacek we will get you repaired."
> [/Vesper]

The canister is flung back up the stairs, taking away any immediate
threat, though the crewmembers are clearly moving slower and coughing,
suggesting theyve had some sort of dose.

> [Alex]
> For a moment, the ranger is tempted to shoot the canisters but might
> make things worse. Her body armor does however provide full life support
> and if not already down, drops her face plate.
> Otherwise, she will prepare for anything potentially coming through.
> [/Alex]

> [Oz]
> Oz's faceplate is already down and he spins away from the door.
> "Ithdalkal, Jacek, Keldon, you three" he gestures at the ship crewmen
> "anybody without an enviro seal- through the door, now. Ithdalkal,
> you're on point." He pulls the shotgun off his back and prepares to
> hold the bottom of the stairs until those less well protected are
> through. "We'll be right behind you."
> [/Oz]

Like the trained soldiers they are, Ithdalkal and Jacek (well, as best
he can) obey Oz's instructions. Everyone else is quickly moving
through the door when first one Kydian, then two others, one of them a
Powerlord, come down the stairs. The Powerlord shouts "Surrender, and
you will come to no immediate harm!" At the same time, another has a
large weapon that looks something like a bazooka which he is just
about to pull the trigger on.

OOC: I don't think I'm jumping the gun in assuming that Oz, Ithdalkal
and Jacek open fire.

Oz fires his shotgun [Strike: Natural 20!, Damage: 12MD], striking the
Powerlord and blasting him into the stairs, which, being wooden,
collapse under his weight.

Jacek fires with his energy pistrol [Strike: 5], missing the Kydians
but hitting the staircase and lighting it on fire.

Ithdalkal aims and fires at the Kydian with the bazooka [Strike: 19,
Damage: 7MD].

All three Kydians have fallen to the bottom of the stairs, and are
trying to pick themselves up when the three defenders manage to get
through the door.

With surprising precision, consider the damage, Jacek pulls the door
shut and smashes the keypad. "I hope our Commander can repair this if
need be." the borg says dryly in his metallic-tinged Euro accent.

The adventurers find themselves in a large vault, perhaps fifty feet
by fifty feet, and about twenty feet high. There are dozens of tall
metallic racks and shelves, many with boxes, but there are also what
looks to be hundreds of bars of gold, silver and platinum, as well as
artworks like paintings and sculptures, and even a couple of vintage
pre-Rifts motorcycles. The wealth in this room is staggering, and
that's just what they can see. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of

On the other end of the room is another steel door exactly like the
one they just went through.

The door they just came through suddenly starts to smoke and glow.
Their Kydian pursuers are trying to cut through.

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