[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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Vesper opens a mystic portal 120' up to get everyone to the ship.
"Alright look around get your bearings and head through the door !"
"Go, go, go."
He heads through once most of the others are through maintaining it till they have all made it to
the ship then shutting it down.

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 >> [Louissa]
 >> Suddenly Louissa's voice squawks over
 >> and Oz's radios. "Alex... Oz... Come in.
 This is
 >> Louissa, and we're hovering over the center of
 >> town right now. We can only stay here a few
 >> more minutes so come in. Repeat. Only have a
 >> few minutes so please come in."
 >> [/Louissa]
 >> [GM]
 >> The ship must be close, as despite being
 >> underground in what looks like a concrete
 >> bunker, her signal is coming through clear. Oz
 >> manages to pull the lever and the door slides
 >> open, revealing a long passage that does not
 >> look like it has an access to the surface. There
 >> is are lights at the other end of it, and what my
 >> the quivering reflection of water. The crewman
 >> shouts out "We better move out. Those Kydians
 >> are about to blow through the door!" The door
 >> indeed smoking and white hot.
 >> [/GM]
 > [Vesper]
 > "Above us, I can get us to it, I need a height
 > the ground to the ship deck, those cycles if they
 > are hover people get on them." "Actually if
 it is
 > less then 500' above town that will make this
 > easier. Someone check those cycles." Vesper
 > waits for confirmation of the ships elevation. If in
 > range he will open a mystic portal to it and urge
 > everyone through. He will grab something from
 > the pile of items and toss it in his box as well.
 > [/Vesper]
 Unfortunately the cycles are conventional, and not
 Louissa radios back a few moments later. "We're
 about eighty feet off the ground."
 Vesper estimates they are probably thirty or forty feet
 underground, meaning the ship is hovering 110 to 120 feet
 above them.
 > [Oz]
 > "Go, go, go!" Oz urges everyone into the
 > tunnel, ready to close and lock the door behind
 > them. Once they're all through, he turns back to
 > Vesper. "Can you get us on the ship from
 > [/Oz]
 > [Vesper]
 > "Yes I can, I just need an elevation if you can
 > have them tell me I can make it happen but
 > people need to move fast."
 > [/Vesper]
 Keldon and his uninjured son pick up the other son and move
 quickly through the door.
 > [Alex]
 > Alex will have her rifle pointed towards the door
 > although will look above the door to see how
 > tough the supports look. If it looks like the
 > attackers are going to get through the door and
 > she can safely collapse the doorway, she will do
 > so. Otherwise, she will open fire with her JA-12
 > firing controlled three blast bursts.
 > [/Alex]
 The supports above the doorway are made of mega damage
 steel, and Alex's weapon may not be able to bring them
 down quickly.
 Meanwhile at the other end of the room, the
 door gives way, the center of it falling over as molten
 slag. As the first Kydian jumps through, Alex fires [Strike:
 17, Damage: 40MD]. The Kydian's armor takes quite a bit
 of damage and he leaps behind some shelves. Another Kydian
 sticks his energy rifle through the hole in the door and
 fires, striking the floor near Alex's feet [Damage:
 20MD], blasting a hole in the floor.
 It can only be a few more moments before the
 Kydians try an all out assault.
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