[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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>>> [Alex]
>>> Alex will have her rifle pointed towards the door
>>> although will look above the door to see how
>>> tough the supports look. If it looks like the
>>> attackers are going to get through the door and
>>> she can safely collapse the doorway, she will do
>>> so. Otherwise, she will open fire with her JA-12
>>> firing controlled three blast bursts.
>>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> The supports above the doorway are made of mega damage steel, and Alex's
>> weapon may not be able to bring them down quickly.
>> Meanwhile at the other end of the room, the door gives way, the center of
>> it falling over as molten slag. As the first Kydian jumps through, Alex
>> fires [Strike: 17, Damage: 40MD]. The Kydian's armor takes quite a bit of
>> damage and he leaps behind some shelves. Another Kydian sticks his energy
>> rifle through the hole in the door and fires, striking the floor near
>> Alex's feet [Damage: 20MD], blasting a hole in the floor.
>> It can only be a few more moments before the Kydians try an all out assault.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper opens a mystic portal 120' up to get everyone to the ship.
> "Alright look around get your bearings and head through the door !"
> "Go, go, go."
> He heads through once most of the others are through maintaining it
> till they have all made it to the ship then shutting it down.
> [/Vesper]

Keldon and his uninjured son carry the injured son and several boxes
in their tentacles, and rush through the portal.

> [Alex]
> Being that she has certain protections that others lack, Alex will try
> to be second to the last to go through the portal. She will continue a
> cover fire to keep the attackers distracted. Since it looks almost
> impossible to collapse the tunnel with the weapons she has, she will not
> even try.
> [/Alex]

> [Oz]
> "Ithdalkal, Jacek, sailors, go!" Oz pulls his JA-12 off his back and
> starts pumping grenades through the hole in the far door. Seeing that
> Alex intends to be last, he stays until she and Vesper are the only
> ones left in the vault.
> [/Oz]

Alex and Oz's covering fire and grenades do the trick of keeping the
enemy at bay. The chamber they have just left turns into a smoky
debris-filled mess in short order. The Kydians return fire, but hit
nothing of any importance.

Despite the damage he has received, Jacek moves with surprising speed,
as do the sailors, finally leaving only Alex, Oz and Peter. When they
step through, they leave behind what could have been a subterranean

They find themselves back on the deck of the TW ship, hovering several
dozen feet above the street below. The damage to the town is
significant. Several shops, including Keldon's magic shop, are all but
destroyed, and smoke pours from the abbey.

Surprisingly enough, however, they see the Kydians retreating. It is a
testament to their effectiveness as soldiers that it seems a squad of
only twenty or thirty Kydians was able to pretty much wipe out the
government of a major English settlement in the space of an hour or

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Louissa appears running down the deck, and gives Alex a big hug.
"Thank God!" she cries. "I thought we'd have to leave you behind. We
haven't seen hide nor hair of that odd woman, Anne, however."

Oz's sergeant is behind her, only barely disguising his pleasure at
seeing his CO again. He salutes Oz. "Sir, we've sustained some
casualties, lost a couple of men, another two are wounded, one badly,
the other should be okay. But it looks like the Splugorth took out
most of the crew of this ship. The Captain is either dead or captured.
Currently, our pilot is addled fellow who suffered some sort of sharp
blow a few minutes ago, so I hope these crew you brought back can take
his place. I'll await your instructions, sir, as to whether we push on
to Wales to get the cold iron, or retreat back towards the Millennium

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