[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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"Is everyone all right?" the lizard man asked, surveying the group for injuries. "We probably ought to clear the area before reinforcements arrive."

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Louissa appears running down the deck, and gives Alex a big hug. "Thank God!" she cries. "I thought we'd have to leave you behind. We haven't seen hide nor hair of that odd woman, Anne, however."
Oz's sergeant is behind her, only barely disguising his pleasure at seeing his CO again. He salutes Oz. "Sir, we've sustained some casualties, lost a couple of men, another two are wounded, one badly, the other should be okay. But it looks like the Splugorth took out most of the crew of this ship. The Captain is either dead or captured. Currently, our pilot is addled fellow who suffered some sort of sharp blow a few minutes ago, so I hope these crew you brought back can take his place. I'll await your instructions, sir, as to whether we push on to Wales to get the cold iron, or retreat back towards the Millennium Tree."

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