[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVI - Assault on the Kydians

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> [OOC]
> This is the end of round #1. Ted has tripped one Kydian, another has been
> entangled by Vesper's net, another is knocked to the platform by
> Ithdalkal, and one has jumped to the ground far below.
> [/OOC]

Oz - 26
Kydian #1 - 17 (tripped)
Ted Smythe - 13
Ithdalkal (almost forgot about her) - 11
Kydian #2 - 11 (jumped off the observation platform)
Sergeant (back on the ship) - 9
Kydian #3 - 9 (knocked down)
Louissa - 7
Kydian #4 -6 (entangled in Vesper's net)
Alex - 4
Vesper - 3

[Combat Round #2]

> [Oz]
> Oz pointed at Alex. "Cover Ted!" He looked at Ithdalkal. "We only need
> one prisoner. Kill the rest." He swept a look around the tower with
> his suit's telescopic sight to try to determine if they'd been
> spotted.
> [/Oz]

Looking over at the walls of the dwarf settlement, there are not yet signs
that the Splugorth minion occupiers have seen them yet. But there is line of
sight to at least part of the wall, so it might not be much longer [OOC: a
round or two] before their action has been spotted.

> [Ted]
> Ted quickly disarms his victim while looking the Kydian's armor over for
> any hidden weapons.
> [/Ted]

A quick check finds three energy rifles, two vibroblades and five concealed
grenades (of what variety Ted can't identify).

Ithdalkal leaps on the Kydian she knocked to the deck, vibro-knife in hand
and proceeds to turn its face into pulp [Strike: 15, Damage: 6MDC]. It's not
a pretty sight.

Back on the ship, the Sergeant keeps his eye out for any more targets, but
continues to hold his fire.

Louissa, now unsure what to do, looks with some horror at Ithdalkal's
savagery. "I guess that proves she doesn't like Splugorth anymore." she

> [Alex]
> If there are any targets left, Alex will carefully take aim at one of them
> and fire. [Strike: Natural 20!]
> [/Alex]

Alex takes aim at the exposed face of the Kydian on the ground below the
platform and fires [Damage: 34MD], blowing much of its head off.

> [Vesper]
> "I am going to check on the one that went over the edge. Someone cover me."
> That said vesper moved to the edge looked over quickly then noticed the
> Kittani on the ground didn't appear to be moving. He started to climb down
> and make sure the being was really injured and if not to disable his
> communications.
> [/Vesper]

By the time Vesper gets there, Alex has already blown much of its head off.

At the end of the second combat round, two Kydians [#2 and #3] are dead. Ted
has disarmed Kydian #1 and Kydian #4 remains caught in Vesper's net.

Vesper is now on the ground below the platform.

Oz is surveying the occupied dwarf settlement to see if the Splugorth
minions there are aware of the combat. They don't seem to be yet, but it
cannot be much longer before they are.

Ithdalkal is under orders to kill all but one of the Kydians. The Kydian
that Ted has disarmed [Kydian #1] is closest to her, so if not
countermanded, she likely go after that one.

Back beyond the clearing, the dwarfs await the company's signal to proceed.

The GM considers this combat over.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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