[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVI - Assault on the Kydians

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 19:57:18 UTC 2014

>> [OOC]
>> At the end of the second combat round, two Kydians [#2 and #3] are dead. 
>> Ted has disarmed Kydian #1 and Kydian #4 remains caught in Vesper's net.
>> Vesper is now on the ground below the platform.
>> Oz is surveying the occupied dwarf settlement to see if the Splugorth
>> minions there are aware of the combat.  They don't seem to be yet, but it
>> cannot be much longer before they are.
>> Ithdalkal is under orders to kill all but one of the Kydians. The Kydian
>> that Ted has disarmed [Kydian #1] is closest to her, so if not
>> countermanded, she likely go after that one.
>> Back beyond the clearing, the dwarfs await the company's signal to
>> proceed.
>> The GM considers this combat over.
>> [/OOC]

> [Alex]
> Via radio and on their own channel, Alex communicates back, "Hawk to team,
> Is all secure?"
> [/Alex]

> [Oz]
> Oz radios back to Alex. "We're done in here. Bring the dwarves. We can't
> have much time before someone notices this watchpost is empty."
> [/Oz]

The Sergeant, back on the ship, reports "Everything's quiet so far, but the
Commander's right. You'd best get a move on. Once they figure out that a
guard post is down, you can be sure you'll have Kydians and Kittani coming
in strength."

> [Ted]
> "Do you speak Elvish?" the lizard man demands in that language, still
> holding the Kydian down.  He added, "My friends want to kill you, so be
> truthful and be quick."
> [/Ted]

The Kydian gives Ted a hateful look (or at least, it's probably a hateful
look, Kydians don't exactly look friendly at the best of times).

"I speak some." the Kydian says. "I is Sergeant Grathak-naka. Identification
number 7281919."

Ithdalkal hovers behind Ted, vibroblade in hand, hatred in her eyes. "He
will give you no more information. But if you let me have him for a minute,
he'll tell us his favorite flavor of krethek, and any secret he may hold."

> [Vesper]
> "Anyone have a rope to help me get this one up there ?" He looked up to
> the others.
> [/Vesper]

Louissa pulls a coil out of her pack. "Seventy five feet ought to be enough,
but what exactly are we going to do with them?"

As this is all going on, the dwarves begin running over the bare ground and
towards the trees. One of them radios the company on a secure channel,
"We're going in! Are you all coming?"

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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