[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVI - Assault on the Kydians

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>> [Ithdalkal]
>> The Blind Warrior Woman hangs her head. "I have brought shame upon myself,"
>> she says. She pulls out her vibroblade and hands it to Ted. "Honor demand
>> you rid yourself of such shame. All I ask is you do it quickly."
>> [/Ithdalkal]

>>> [Alex]
>>> Assuming that she is within range (ooc: I think Alex was asked to join the
>>> others), she will just quietly telepathically scan thoughts.
>>> [/Alex]

>> OOC: I don't think Alex had joined the dwarfs yet.

>> [GM]
>> Ithdalkal is feeling deep shame and remorse for messing up Ted's plans.
>> The Kydian is completely confused, though is beginning to think of ways
>> out of his predicament to warn his fellow minions.
>> Meanwhile Vesper and Louissa have managed to the the other bodies up to
>> their emplacements.  Close up it doesn't pass scrutiny, but from a
>> distance it should be convincing enough...  until someone tries to radio
>> them.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "Ok there in place we should get moving soon though."
> Vesper looks around not having been paying attention to the conversation. 
> He looks for the dwarves.
> [/Vesper]

> [Oz]
> Oz shakes his head. "Put that away. He knows the high commander of these
> kydians is wearing his face now.  This sentry wasn't going to know much
> more than that.  We're wasting time here." He gestures at the bodies the
> others had rigged to look like they were standing.  "They're going to
> figure out something happened to this post pretty soon."
> [/Oz]

> [Ted]
> Ted knows Oz is right. The lizard man steps away from his prisoner. "Do
> what has to be done," he says to Ithdalkal before retreating to the rear
> of the platform and the turmoil of his thoughts.
> [/Ted]

Ithdalkal nods. "Thank you." she says simply. She then takes her vibroblade,
and with blinding swiftness, and before anyone can react, slits the
remaining Kydian's throat. The Kydian gurgles and falls forward. She then
proceeds to tie the corpse into position.

OOC: I'm going to push us along now...

Soon enough the company has reached the dwarves as they make their way to
the hidden tunnel. Beneath tall trees, and behind a good deal of brush a
stone doorway is revealed. Therane, the leader of this band of dwarfs,
utters some gutteral and incomprehensible phrases and the door silently
opens inward, revealing a low tunnel, about five feet tall and five feet
wide; large enough for dwarfs to go two abreast, but quite a squeeze for
some members of the company.

The dwarfs wait until the door has closed before a number of them light
torches. The passage that is revealed curves gently eastward towards the
occupied dwarf settlement. Though for taller people the going is hard, this
passage seems to be designed for haste. Here and there are branching
passages, all roughly the same size, but the dwarfs seem to know their way,
and never stop or slow down.

And then, after perhaps twenty minutes, the path ends and they find
themselves at an abrupt end to the passage. It widens to a circular room
about twenty feet in diameter. In the middle of the chamber is a hatch in
the floor, leading to lower levels, and a ladder that leads up to another
hatch in the ceiling.

Somewhere nearby they can here digging and drilling, the crunch and rumble
of rock being removed. It's close enough to shake the walls and floor of the

"They're searching for our hoards." Skarn mutters. "And they'll be at it

Therane turns to the company. "Above us is the temple. The ladder leads
underneath an altar that leads into the great hall. We cannot be certain of
what is there, but we must make it out of the temple and to the stables
beside the chieftain's house. There one of our hidden armories lies. If
nothing else, we can blow the settlement to bits. You have helped us back
into our homes, and now you wish access to one of the hoards. While there
are nearer ones, it is certain that the Splugorth will soon find it. You may
take your chances with us, for a hoard lies beneath the armory, or you may
go below, to the delvings." She points to the hatch in the floor.

"That is where we will flee when we have set the explosives." Therane
continues. "We would be greatful for your continued help, and if it is
treasure like the cold iron that you seek, you may find the help of a few
dwarfs in carrying it to be of some advantage. It is up to you."

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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