[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII - Return to Hoburn Hill

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Fri Apr 10 22:19:28 UTC 2015

ooc: Three shot burst is 1D6x10+10 for the JA-12?

On 4/10/2015 15:25, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> OOC: Many apologies. I had intended to send this out on Thursday, but
> ended up instead in a ophthalmologist's office dealing with bleeding
> in the retina of my left eye. I hope that's sufficient excuse. At any
> rate, we plug on.
>>> [GM]
>>> As Ted races towards Louissa and her captors, they react to
>>> missed shot. The humanoid carrying Louissa keeps running
>>> towards the compound surrounding the pyramid, while the
>>> other three stop, drop to their knees, pull out some sort of
>>> guns and open fire on the hillside.
>>> Alex, Oz and Vesper are forced to duck for cover as bluish
>>> bolts of energy strike the trees and brush, which explode
>>> and burst into flames.
>>> By this point Ted, with his incredible mutant speed, is
>>> already at the bridge as they take aim at him. The three
>>> enemies are about 600 or 700 feet from Ted, the lone captor
>>> carrying Louissa is over a thousand feet away, and only a
>>> couple of hundred from the wall.
>>> As Louissa's captor approaches the wall a gate swings open
>>> to allow it and Louissa in.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Alex]
>> Alex will accept some risk of having fire returned to her.
>> Always seems to be surprisingly calm under fire. She will take
>> a second shot at the leg, followed by another if required.
>> [Strike: 16]
>> [/Alex]
>> [Oz]
>> Oz fires at the person carrying Louissa as well, not bothering to
>> aim for the runner's leg. [Strike: 19]
>> [/Oz]
>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper starts absorbing some of the power around him. Providing
>> an energy field wall for the shooters to use for cover.
>> After that is done he hunkers down and gets his own energy rifle
>> from his back. Providing cover fire for Ted and Alex. [Strike: 5]
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> Alex's shot hits the captor's leg [Damage: 12MD], followed by Oz's
> shot which strikes the captor's back [Damage: 24MD]. Vesper's covering
> fire doesn't hit anything, but certainly forces the captor's
> companion's to take cover and protecting Ted, who is completely
> exposed on the bridge, from being blown away.
> As to Louissa's captor, it stumbles as Alex's shot hits it. It must
> have some sort of megadamage protection, because it (and its
> companions) look to be largely naked, and the leg doesn't disappear at
> a megadamage strike. Oz's shot nails the creature right in the back,
> and this time the damage is visible, even in the bluish ley line
> light, as a large black smoking hole appears, and the creature falls
> over, trapping Louissa beneath its body. She doesn't appear to move.
> The other captors find what cover they can behind rocks and scrub, but
> on the wall several figures can be seen, and they too open fire,
> shooting wildly in Ted and the rest of the company's directions, as
> several figures run out of the gate towards Louissa. Such is the
> intensity of the fire that Vesper, Oz and Alex on the hillside are
> forced to take cover as trees and huge chunks of the hillside are
> blown away. Ted, too, is forced to dive for cover, though he notes
> that all are firing at his head, and none seem keen to actually fire
> at the bridge he is on.
> Behind the three companions on the hill side, the borg Jacek and a
> number of his bandits appear, and return fire as best they can, though
> they too are unwilling to risk the barrage. "This is turning into a
> frontal assault!" Jacek shouts.
> [/GM]

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