[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVI - Assault on the Kydians

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>> [GM]
>> The crew and Oz's company all seem very happy to see the party. The
>> sergeant salutes Oz, "We had a bit of trouble." he says.  "A few dwarfs
>> have decided to join us, and that odd Anne woman just buggered off.  But
>> the dwarfs are damned handy with the tools, and the ship is in fighting
>> form and ready to move out."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> The German knight nods at the sergeant. "Trouble seems to be going around. 
> Well done keeping things together here, sergeant.  Consider yourself
> promoted to colour sergeant.  I'll have the paperwork done as soon as we
> talk to someone who can get in contact with HQ."
> [/Oz]

The sergeant, dispassionate as ever, simply salutes, turning away before the
very slightest of smiles crosses his face.

>> [GM]
>> The new captain, Debra Neeson, salutes Oz in turn. "Sir, we're ready to
>> head back towards the Millennium Tree, or if you have another destination
>> in mind, we're at your command."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods at Captain Neeson. "Very good, Captain. Take us to the Millennium
> Tree.  We'll need to talk soon about the administrivia that comes with
> command, when you have a free hour." He gestures back at the crate they'd
> pushed through the portal.  "We also need a secure room to store that
> crate.  I'll tell you all about it later."
> [/Oz]

[Captain Neeson]
The Captain nods. "We have a locked room in the hold, Sir. We'll put it down
there, and when we meet, I will give you the passcodes."
[/Captain Neeson]

>> [GM]
>> A number of dwarfs walk forward and bow to the company. "We are K'narok,
>> the Clanless.  We request the right to join your company and become
>> soldiers of New Camelot.  We would fight Splugorth, and not run and hide
>> in other dimensions like frightened dogs.  We offer our axes to the great
>> King Arrthu."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods gravely. "On your oath, as a sworn Knight Commander to behalf of
> King Arrthu, I accept your service to crown and country.  Do you swear to
> be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Arrthu, his heirs
> and successors and that you will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully
> defend His Majesty, his heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity
> against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of His Majesty,
> his heirs and successors and of the generals and officers set over you?"
> [/Oz]

"We so swear!" the dwarfs say in unison, bowing before Oz, axes in their
hands raised to the knight. Those that know anything of dwarfs know that
swearing allegiance to a new tribe is a great deed, and only done when a
dwarf's own tribe has, in the dwarf warrior's view, shamed itself.

> [Oz]
> Once the dwarves were oath sworn, Oz's demeanor became less grave but no
> less serious.  "We will need to discuss, along with my command staff, your
> group's capabilities and preferred role in the unit.  I am Commander Ozmar
> Wolz." He gestures at the ship captain, Ithdalkal, his trio of adjutants,
> and the newly promoted colour sergeant, naming each and giving their ranks
> in turn.  Ithdalkal magically became a lieutenant by his personal fiat. 
> "These are my staff."
> [/Oz]

One of the dwarfs, who seems to be something of a leader. "I am Bifan
Bombunson, by your tongue, Milord. We pledge our loyalty and our obedience
to you and your staff, and to the great King Arrthu."

The Blind Warrior Woman says nothing, but there is a look of intense pride
upon her face.

> [Oz]
> He continues with a sardonic smile on his face, gesturing at the odd
> assemblage of professional soldiers, former merchant sailors, adventurers,
> reformed bandits, and others.  "We have a...  very mixed company here. 
> I'm sure you'll fit in well.  Talk to one of Captain Neeson's men about
> berth assignments."
> [/Oz]

[Bifan Bombunson]
"Aye, Sir!" Bifan says.
[/Bifan Bombunson]

Jacek, who has just come on deck, shakes his head. "I think, Sir Oz, that
when we return to New Camelot, you shall be bringing an army, and, perhaps a
navy too."

>> [GM OOC]
>> Okay, this seems like a good place to take stock. If any have forgotten,
>> the reason you are all here was to get the cold iron to contain that
>> horrible monster/sweet little girl that insists it and it alone can help
>> Ted find the cure to the horrible disease that is slowly killing him. 
>> The creature is currently being held under the roots of the Hoburn Hill
>> Millennium Tree.
>> The company's ultimate goal is to head north into Scotland to find a
>> druid that supposedly can heal Ted, though the little girl/evil creature
>> insists only through its aid can he be healed.
>> Thus far the party has assembled quite a motley crowd; a company of New
>> Camelot soldiers under Oz's command, what's left of the crew of the
>> leyline ship, the Teufelshörnchen, a multitentacled D-Bee named Keldon
>> and his two sons, and now a group of Dwarfs looking to kick some
>> Splugorth a$$.
>> So, will the company head back to the Millennium Tree and take custody of
>> the murderous creature that insists it can save Ted, or find their own
>> way to save Ted's life?
>> [/GM OOC]

> [Alex]
> Alex is extremely skeptical about there only being one way to cure somebody 
> and she sees no reason to believe the girl creature either. Why would it 
> actually tell the truth? Alex is just getting used to magic, luckily she was 
> raised in kind of a periphery of the Coalition so she does not have the 
> absolute hatred either of magic. Still, she would trust a druid over a demon 
> child
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "I agree let's head to the MIllenium tree. We have the cold iron to box in
> the demon child if need be."
> [/Vesper]

There seems no further objections, and so the company, along with Oz's
swelling unit of the New Camelot armed forces, turn and make their way back
to the Hoburn Hill Millennium Tree.

OOC: This is a convenient place for a chapter break, so I will continue on
in the follow-up post.

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