[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII - Return to Hoburn Hill

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The voyage back to Hoburn Hill turns out to be less direct than the voyage
to Wales was. Captain Neeson is forced to steer the ley line ship northward
and away from what appears to be a great arm of the Splugorth army. There
are two firefights but Neeson, getting used to command, efficiently gets her
ship out of trouble. Still, the new routes delay the ship by the better part
of three days.

In that time the land has been transformed. Whatever power was holding
England in ice cold conditions seems to have been pushed back.  Snow gives
way to recent rains.  The lowlands, instead of being chest-high in snow, are
now knee deep in mud.  If nothing else, this should slow down any Splugorth
ground troops that might be trying to push further westward, and cutting off
units like the ones that attacked the dwarfs in Wales.

It is February 1st, 721 PA, around 9pm, when the Hoburn Hill Millennium Tree
comes into view, towering over the landscape.  The great nexus that feeds it
lights up the night sky, it's power palpable from miles away. The people of
the Tree have been busy, and the scars of flood and battle are being
repaired, and perhaps, in a few years, they will be barely noticeable.

The ship docks near the top of the great tree, and several druids await.
When they are informed of what has been transpired, they nod sadly. "We have
heard that many leyline merchants have met similar, or worse fates. The
Splugorth are beginning to set up blockades along major leylines. They mean
to starve New Camelot and the other Free Kingdoms. Almost we and our
brethren elsewhere are preparing to ask the Trees to open rifts so that
supplies may be brought into England."

The female Elf druid, Taelaen, who had lead the company through the Tree
upon their last visit is there as well.  "It is well that you have secured
the cold iron.  Our...  guest...  has become most difficult to contain, and
we have been forced to have two druids constantly keeping the wards up. 
Tiresome work.  We, and the Tree, will feel much better to be rid of her."

"It will take a day or two to forge the cage." she continues. "Perhaps you
would like some time to rest?  I am certain the Council will wish to meet
with you again, but that won't be until tomorrow at the earliest.  Your
quarters have been prepared for you in the same rooms you held before.In the
mean timetime, you may go as you please."

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