[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVI - Assault on the Kydians

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>>> [Vesper]
>>> "Yes, just keep the cold iron away from the portal till it is open
>>> everyone travel through I will need to go through last.  More time would
>>> have been better but will make do." Vesper looks for the best area to
>>> open the rift to the ship and prepares taking out the PPE charged items
>>> he has knowing most things including himself will be drained.  Ask the
>>> Dwarves if they are going to sacrifice all that wealth in the explosion. 
>>> If so we could sure use some to fund our operations against the
>>> Splugorth." Vesper drew out the parameters of the Rift and began the
>>> ritual hoping the ship had not moved from where it was.
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [Skarn]
>> Skarn shakes his head. "No, we shall sacrifice none of it. It is the
>> product of a thousand year's labor.  This pillar will, in a minute or so,
>> will fall into a dimensional portal.  I and my companions here will
>> journey with it to assure that no unforeseen evil befalls it."
>> Skarn thinks for a moment. "But I take your point, and indeed if you
>> would use some of our wealth to combat these foul murderous Splugorth,
>> then so be it."
>> Skarn turns to one of his companions. "Relzek! Kak nurkad zik
>> tagbarakor!"
>> [/Skarn]

>> [GM]
>> The dwarf nods, grabs a couple of other dwarfs, and they run back down
>> the stairs.  They return moments later with a crate filled with gold
>> ingots.  These ingots are emblazoned with the symbols of the New German
>> Republic, along with serial numbers and the value of each ingot; 200,000
>> NGR credits.  There are about 100 ingots in the crate.
>> [/GM]

>> [Skarn]
>> "You will find these easiest to spend or exchange." Skarn says. "We
>> received these from a Triax agent in return for our services some years
>> back.  Now go.  You have only a few minutes left."
>> [/Skarn]

> [Alex]
> The ex coalition scout continues to stand guard and protect people as
> they prepare to escape.
> "Lets do our best to make sure everybody comes out alive."
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> Ted stands beside Alex, assisting as needed.
> [/Ted]

> [Vesper]
> "Alright everyone head through the second the rift opens." That said he
> continues his spell grateful that they are rifting on the same world.  The
> blue white blossom of the rift opening reaching out to connect with their
> ship.
> [/Vesper]

> Alex OOC: Unless they changed the value in later books, each ingot is 12.5
> lbs.  What I read is that they are suppose to be 1000 credits per ounce.

OOC: I'm kind of winging it :)

> [Alex]
> "Somebody might want to grab at least a few ingots to replace gear before
> we depart?" Assuming that they are 12.5 lbs each, she ask, "Hand me a
> couple and I will put them in these pouches?" She wants to otherwise keep
> her rifle trained and I do not believe we can transport the whole things
> just a few bars
> [/Alex]

> [Oz]
> Oz waves at the dwarves. "They just carried that crate up the stairs and
> you don't think we can push it a couple of feet through a portal?" He
> sounds absolutely anguished at the thought of leaving behind any of the
> loot.
> [/Oz]

> Oz OOC: As long as Vesper's portal is touching the floor we should be able
> to push the crate along the floor even if we can't pick it up and carry
> it.  Ithdalkal, Oz, and Ted should be able to do it while Vesper and Alex
> do their thing.  And we have other dwarves and sailors with us, too, don't
> we?  Mostly, I figure if the GM is giving us a crate of money, why argue
> with him?

> [Alex]
> The red headed scout shrugs at that. Being able to replace gear is the
> only thing she needs money over.  Being rich has never really been an
> interest of hers.  Granted, someday replacing her hover bike might be nice
> but otherwise her needs are modest.
> [/Alex]

> Oz OOC: If Alex were to say that out loud, Oz would point out they've got
> soldiers, sailors, and a flying ship to take care of.  It's not just
> themselves they need to worry about providing for and equipping.  Given
> how badly they're losing, it doesn't seem like New Camelot is going to be
> in any shape to do it for us.

> [Ted]
> Ted put out a hand to stop Alex. "I can carry almost six hundred pounds.
> Let me see if I can do it," he explains.  He puts away his weapons and
> anything else that might get in the way.  Once everyone else has stood
> clear, he hoists the chest onto his shoulders using proper lifting
> technique and, once the crate is balanced, lets the others know he whether
> or not he needs additional help.
> [/Ted]

The crate is roughly 1,300 pounds, so Ted is unable to lift it on his own.

GM OOC: I'm assuming that others pitch in. Between Ted, Ithdalkal and Oz,
they ought to be able to get it over the threshold.

Vesper's rift reveals the ship. Oz's sergeant is standing there with his
squad, guns aimed at the rift. When he sees it is the company, the sergeant
shouts "Lower your guns, lads! They're our people."

Seeing Ted, Ithdalkal and Oz struggling with the crate, a number of soldiers
and crew run to help move it on to the ship.

The crew and Oz's company all seem very happy to see the party. The sergeant
salutes Oz, "We had a bit of trouble." he says. "A few dwarfs have decided
to join us, and that odd Anne woman just buggered off. But the dwarfs are
damned handy with the tools, and the ship is in fighting form and ready to
move out."

The new captain, Debra Neeson, salutes Oz in turn. "Sir, we're ready to head
back towards the Millennium Tree, or if you have another destination in
mind, we're at your command."

A number of dwarfs walk forward and bow to the company. "We are K'narok, the
Clanless.  We request the right to join your company and become soldiers of
New Camelot.  We would fight Splugorth, and not run and hide in other
dimensions like frightened dogs.  We offer our axes to the great King

Okay, this seems like a good place to take stock. If any have forgotten, the
reason you are all here was to get the cold iron to contain that horrible
monster/sweet little girl that insists it and it alone can help Ted find the
cure to the horrible disease that is slowly killing him. The creature is
currently being held under the roots of the Hoburn Hill Millennium Tree.

The company's ultimate goal is to head north into Scotland to find a druid
that supposedly can heal Ted, though the little girl/evil creature insists
only through its aid can he be healed.

Thus far the party has assembled quite a motley crowd; a company of New
Camelot soldiers under Oz's command, what's left of the crew of the leyline
ship, the Teufelshörnchen, a multitentacled D-Bee named Keldon and his two
sons, and now a group of Dwarfs looking to kick some Splugorth a$$.

So, will the company head back to the Millennium Tree and take custody of
the murderous creature that insists it can save Ted, or find their own way
to save Ted's life?

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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