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OOC: I'm sorry I missed Alex's post, but I'm afraid I can't find one
for Vesper. I'm going to push ahead here, and hope Google Groups isn't
being cranky.

>>>> [Alex]
>>>> "We might surprise you," states the red haired ranger. "I have been in
>>>> worse spots. " She is planning to radio the others is a few moments
>>>> but has a few questions first. "What is the actual number of the
>>>> Maligs?"
>>>> [/Alex]

>>> [GM]
>>> "Hundreds maybe," the man replies, obviously not certain. "Lots in
>>> their compound, an' they got others in other parts of the city, 'neath
>>> the dimgates. They had a big fight a couple of winters ago, and the
>>> Big Chief won, killed all the non-Maligs and runs most of the city. Or
>>> so we hear. We're supposed to report visitors, but a few traders make
>>> the risk so we can get better food."
>>> [/GM]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper stores away the odd TW equipment and the Naruni products.
>>> "What is the big chief, is he a Malig ? You also mentioned the Dim
>>> gate, what is on the other side ?"
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [GM]
>> The man nods. "The big chief looks like a Malig, but he's big, so
>> maybe he's like some sort of super-malig, or demon in Malig clothes.
>> Who knows? But the Malig's follow him, do whatever he wants. They used
>> to be bad, but now they're really really bad, and demand more and more
>> breeders. Soon won't be any women left, and then what?"
>> "And what's behind the dimgate? Well, another dim, um, I guess you say
>> 'dimension'. Don't know, only one of us who went there and came back
>> as Mad Walter. They forced him in because he'd tried to stop them
>> taking his daughter. When he came out, his skin was all red like he'd
>> spent a month in the sun, and all he could talk about was 'Library of
>> the Megverse' and something called 'The Slen'. Anyways, really crazy.
>> He lives by himself in one of the basements where the old autos are."
>> [/GM]

>>> [Alex]
>>> "I have fought even larger groups in my time," the red headed ranger
>>> states. Of course she is not planning to tell them that it was a hopeless
>>> battle against the Xiticix.
>>> "Where would they have taken my friend and what are the numbers
>>> there?" she continues.
>>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> "Need an army, I think," the man says. "Maybe a hundred in there,
>> maybe more now that they're grabbing breeders."
>> [/GM]

>> Alex OOC: If she can get help from the other team members, what kind
>> of numbers can we muster on our side?

>> GM OOC: I'm assuming by this that Alex is contacting the ship and any
>> other companions.

>> [GM]
>> As they talk to the leader of these people, the ship radios back.
>> "What's your status? Sir Oz wants to pull out as soon as he can."
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "We just cleared to the ground floor of the building, encountered one of
> these creatures and engaged. They are using humans for something," Alex
> answers. "Hoping that we might be able to get some assistance with them."
> "We have a teammate who is a prisoner of theirs," she continues.
> [/Alex]

"I'll relay it to Sir Osmar," the radio operator says. A few moments
later there's the sound of gunfire... a lot of gunfire, coming from
the radio.

"We're under attack!" the operator says. "I'll restore contact as soon
as I can." The link goes dead.

It's pretty clear Alex and Vesper are not going to get any assistance.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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