[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Wed Jul 15 19:46:19 UTC 2015

>> [GM]
>> Jacek and Sergeant both nod very slightly to show they've got the
>> message. Snipers, half New Camelot soldiers and half Jacek's
>> ex-bandits, move swiftly and quietly to their positions. It's a marvel
>> that just a few weeks ago, they were enemies, and now, under Oz's
>> guiding hand, they have become a single unit.
>> The females in the crew appear on deck. None appear armed, but a bulge
>> here and a glint of steel there shows they have armed themselves the
>> best they could. The creatures smile, revealing hideous discolored
>> teeth. They bow, and the leader says "This is bargain good, very very
>> good. Breeders healthy, yes."
>> And then the snipers open fire. There are cries from the hills, and a
>> few successful shots, one striking one of the women on the deck. The
>> enemy is using some sort of heavy particle beams, too heavy it would
>> seem to be carried by these flimsy little creatures. Another shot cuts
>> into the hull, and the deck lurches, sending many to the ground.
>> Meanwhile, Jacek himself is dealing with two of the horrible
>> creatures, his massive cybernetic arms gripping each one by the
>> throat, crushing their necks as blood pours on to his hands. A third
>> is choking as a vibroblade sticks out of its chest.
>> But the fourth creature, the apparent spokesman or leader, seems to
>> have slipped away, or disappeared.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "Watch for invisibles! Line the rails- don't let him off! Ithdalkal, can you
> see where the last one went!?" Oz switches to his thermal camera, pulling
> both his guns as he spins around looking for the presumably invisible
> leader.
> "Captain, lift us up- if he's invisible I don't want him jumping the rail
> and getting away!"
> [/Oz]

[Captain Neeson]
The Captain nods. "Alright, you heard the commander. Get her up in the
air, and make it snappy!" she shouts.

Neeson turns back to Oz. "Hold on!" she says with a smile.
[/Captain Neeson]

Oz only has time to steady himself before the ship lurches into the
air, perhaps even faster than Captain Neeson expected. Within seconds
it is three hundred feet up. The air is crackling with mystical
energy, and perhaps this leyline storm is part of the reason for the
ship's quick rise. Never the less, it is too high in the air now for
any normal creature to jump.

As the ship finally levels out at about four or five hundred feet up,
Oz manages to see the escaped creature running aft towards the stern
and for whatever counts for an engine room inside a leyline ship.
There's a vague haze around the creature which makes it invisible to
normal vision, but not good enough to hide it from thermal view.

Before Oz can react, the creature passes a crew member, and it slows
down long enough to shove something on to the crewman's back before
continuing. The crewman is looking around trying to figure out who
shoved him, and is unaware that something has been placed on him.

At the same time, more guns start firing from the hillside, striking
amidships with a loud boom that throws three crewmembers and one of
Oz's own squad off the ship. The deck is on fire, drenched with some
sort of flaming substance, and the heat from the flames hide the
creature from view.

"Raise the shields!" Oz hears someone shout, before another shot
strikes not fifteen feet away from him, nearly knocking him down.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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