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>> [GM]
>> ...
>> Finally, they reach the point at which several sewer
>> pipes merge in a large concrete room about forty feet
>> from end to end, and about the same in height. It likely
>> once filled with water, but there is a great crack in the
>> bottom that the water likely long ago leaked into. There
>> is the musty smell of decay here that is almost
>> overpowering.
>> The boy points a small rusty steel observation deck
>> about three quarters of the way up the far wall of the
>> room. A ladder leads up, looking even rustier than the
>> deck. A steel door can be seen, and as Ted's eyes
>> adjust, he can see a lone figure sitting on the deck, a
>> tube that looks something like a gun in one hand, and
>> the other holding some sort of burning stick that it
>> takes a few puffs on. It's hard to see in the light, but he
>> creature, while humanoid, does not look very human.
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted backs up into the pipe far enough that the figure
> cannot see him or the boy. Telepathically, he asks the
> boy who the figure is and anything else the boy might
> know about him. While the boy answers, the lizard man
> prepares his rifle for the inevitable attack.
> [/Ted]

The boy seems shocked to "hear" Ted's voice, but not see his lips
moving. He shrugs, and whispers, "It's a Malig. They all look like

As Ted prepares, he hears Alex over the radio, asking for assistance.
He hears someone on the ship respond "What's your status? Sir Oz wants
to pull out as soon as he can."

As this is going on, Ted feels the ground rumble a little. The air
takes on an odd shimmering quality. Everything in front of Ted seems a
little out of focus, almost as if there are two rooms somehow
occupying almost the same space.

"The Dimgate is going to open soon," the boy hisses. "Got to hurry!"

The boy isn't quiet enough, or the Malig's hearing is quite
exceptional, because it turns in the direction of Ted and the boy's
hiding place. It quickly moves back towards the hatch and looks ready
to rap on it to signal others to come.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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