[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Thu Jul 23 18:05:21 UTC 2015

>>>> [GM]
>>>> The families debate among themselves furiously as Vesper and Alex try
>>>> to come up with a plan. During this whole time, Alex has no contact
>>>> with Ted, so at least at the moment he will not be able to assist
>>>> them.
>>>> Finally the man who seems to be the leader steps forward. "We will
>>>> help you," the man says, "if you take us with you. We know secret ways
>>>> down below the autos in the basement. Maybe Maligs haven't found it, I
>>>> haven't seen it since I was a child. All the men, thirty of us, and
>>>> some woman who have no children, they come to, maybe ten more. But you
>>>> must promise right now you take us away from this place."
>>>> The rest of the families shout their agreement. "Take us!" they shout
>>>> and plead. Two women near Alex shout out "We help with fighting, but
>>>> take our children!"
>>>> [/GM]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper tries to do some mental calculations to see if there will be room on the
>>> ship.
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [GM]
>> Vesper quickly determines that there is room in the ship.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper nods to the people, "Alright we can take you in our ship. It might be
>>> cramped but we should be able to get you out of here.
>>> Thank you for helping us with your knowledge of your city."
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [GM]
>> The people nod. "Thank us and we'll thank you when we're out of here
>> alive," the leader says.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Alex]
>>> "I think it might be best to take a team much smaller than a couple of dozen,"
>>> the Ranger states. "The more who we have with us, the more likely we are to
>>> be spotted. I am thinking maybe six or so with those best at stealth and able
>>> to fight."
>>> [/Alex]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> "Agreed, and we will try and arm you with things we gain from the fallen so
>>> you have some manner of armor and weapons."
>>> Vesper will set them up with the items found on the Malig they killed.
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [GM]
>> The leader picks out a two other men and a woman. "These are our best
>> scavengers," he says. "They can sneak past the Malig, know their
>> habits best. They'll go with you, and me too, to make sure you keep
>> your promise."
>> [/GM]

>>> [Alex]
>>> "I know it is risky but if things go south, do you have the mystical resources
>>> to get us out?"
>>> "Not skilled at making bombs and wish we have some fusion blocks. They
>>> would make a useful distraction."
>>> [/Alex]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper nods, "I have more then enough magical energy the energies are
>>> starting to stabilize some so hopefully we won't have any other mishaps.
>>> We should be able to come up with some sort of distraction. Though I don't
>>> have the equivalent of fusion blocks, a lot of the buildings here are not
>>> superstructural so perhaps we could rig some to topple?"
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [GM]
>> The leader nods. "That be good plan, if you can do it," he says.
>> "Sometimes buildings come down just 'cause their old, so a good kick
>> can bring one down. If you do that, then we rush for exit. Sounds like
>> you stay up above, wizard man, and your friend come with us?"
>> His three chosen companions are quickly stripping the bodies. The one
>> Malig who is still alive is quickly dispatched with by having his head
>> crushed by a large piece of concrete. Weapons and shield are stripped
>> off.
>> They await only Vesper's intentions now.
>> As Alex and Vesper complete their plans, suddenly one of the people
>> points out a broken window towards the hill side where the ship is
>> hiding. The entire hillside is literally on fire, and they can see
>> some rocky outcroppings turning to lava. To Alex's trained eye, it's
>> clear that someone is turning a large number of energy weapons,
>> probably plasma and laser cannons, on that hillside. They can glimpse
>> several Malig, some actually on fire, running or falling down the
>> hill.
>> A loud whining sound comes from the pyramid complex, and the gate
>> opens up.
>> [/GM]

OOC: Apologies to Alex's player. I didn't check back to what the
Kitsune was referring to by the gate. In this case, it is the gate to
the walled compound that surrounds the pyramid, not to a nexus point.

> [Alex]
> Looking towards Vesper, "While confusion reigns, I think it is time we go
> and try to rescue Louisa?"
> "Anybody ready to go, I think  now is the time.
> After a moment, Alex contacts the ship, "Hawk to vessel, what is going
> on? Are you alright?"
> [/Alex]

The extreme amount of EM interference from the mass energy output of
the energy weapons, coupled with the leyline energy, radio
communications are difficult.

Alex can't be sure what the ship has heard, but she does get back a
fragmented reply "Un... att... ..oy en..y. P... ...spond."

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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