[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 20:10:55 UTC 2015

>> [GM]
>> And then the people appear. First two men, carrying rusty pipes, and
>> then six more, along with several women. They are a rather sad looking
>> lot; old clothes, torn and patched countless times, dirty,
>> malnourished, with fear and exhaustion carved into their faces. The
>> youngest might be in their twenties, but they look more like they are
>> twice that age.
>> One of the men, who might be their leader, steps forward. "You've
>> killed a Malig, and hurt another. They'll skin us all alive for that,
>> y'know. Maybe you think you help, but you just hurt. We won't get a
>> mile away from here, but they won't hunt us down like dogs and feast
>> on our children's entrails."
>> A woman shouts, "So you done it now, killing the Maligs. Are you going
>> to kill the rest?"
>> For a group of people who appear to have been saved from the fate of
>> being "breeders", they don't seem very happy.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "Look, maybe you wish to be victims but I will not be a victim of these
> creatures," Alex responds, giving it a good kick. Sounds a bit angry. As
> far as she is concerned, they might decide to have gone after her.
> [/Alex]

OOC: I'm assuming this is the "Malig" with the severed arm.

The Malig screams in pain, rolling over and cradling the stump of its
missing arm.

> [Alex]
> "I have a friend who was kidnapped by one of them and I plan to rescue
> her," The red headed scout continues. "What can you tell me?"
> "Doubt they are going to be too interested in you when we start to deal
> with them," she states.
> [Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper shakes his head, "Well said, If you have accepted your fate under
> these creatures that is one thing. We won't allow ourselves to fall into
> similar behavior. Don't battle us it would be just as bad."
> Vesper checked over the creatures trying to figure out their equipment.
> Including their forcefields.
> [/Vesper]

The tubes appear to be some sort of TW gun, a hollow tube with a
wooden trigger, but at the other end a small black box with a bundle
of what look like old stereo wires leading to a small hole in the

The force field generators are a little more advanced, made out of
mega-damage material. A small stamp on the bottom says "Naruni

The people seem to think for a second. The leader finally nods, "What
choice do we have? If we don't help, and you don't win, then we all
suffer, maybe many die. But the Maligs have technology, an' their
leader on the other side of the dimgate. We have to hit them before it
opens, and, no offense, but two of you don't look like you can take on
all those Maligs."

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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