[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Wed May 27 23:00:16 UTC 2015

>> [GM]
>> While the ley line storm still rages, its localized effects, at least
>> temporarily, do not interfere with the spell, and it successfully is
>> cast on both Vesper and Alex. Indeed, a sudden surge of PPE just as
>> Vesper is casting it on Alex means he does not deplete his own
>> reserves. It's a heady experience, like drinking a couple of shots of
>> hard liquor, with a similar euphoric effect.
>> With the spell in place, and Alex and Vesper hidden in plain sight,
>> the source of the crunching comes into view. It appears to be one of
>> the humanoid creatures they saw near the pyramid complex; of the same
>> kind as the creatures that have kidnapped Louissa.
>> It is an odd looking being; generally humanoid, but with slightly
>> reddish skin with yellowish splotches, random bristly hairs sticking
>> out from mole-like bumps. The head is large, bald and veined. The eyes
>> are almost reptilian in appearance, yellowish and glowing with mystic
>> energies. The creature is no more than five feet tall, but the limbs
>> still seem too long and thin somehow, almost emaciated. It is carrying
>> some sort of neural whip in one hand, a tube with a handle on it in
>> the other (it might be a gun). It is wearing black boots and a loin
>> cloth, but nothing else, save for a belt around the waste that has a
>> small black box attached to it with two blinking lights.
>> "Comez onz!" the creature shouts. "We iz needing more breederz! Givez
>> uz yerz womanz kind!"
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> In spite of claiming to not be a real soldier, she is a combat veteran.
> There are certain things that get to her as well. She judges where the
> creature is, jumps out with her sword and dagger being drawn and
> swung in a smooth motion as she strikes at the creature in a paired
> strike. Sometimes, one must act decisively.
> At least knows which these creatures kidnapped her friend
> "Some of us bite," she states.
> If she can stop short of killing the thing, she wants to question it but
> she hopes the people can answer the questions is she needs to.
> [/Alex]

The creature is completely taken off guard, and Alex's attack hits
home [Strike: 26, Dagger damage: 27MD, Sword damage: 18MD, Total:
45MD!]. Despite this she feels the sword and dagger slow as they hit
some sort of an energy shield. Sparks fly as her weapons strike the
field, and it absorbs much of the damage, but not all [5MD], and the
arm bearing the whip comes clean off. The creature falls to the ground
screaming, dropping the tube-like device from its other hand.

> [Vesper]
> Vesper keeps Alex covered with his rifle in case any more creatures
> appear. He is scanning for any as well as some that might come when
> their comrade is attacked. He will fire off a burst at any that may arrive.
> Making sure to turn off the pew pew sound generator which he was
> never sure why such a thing was installed.
> [/Vesper]

Moments later, another similarly clad-creature, though this one has
third eye in the middle of its forehead; milky white and quite blind,
but still disconcerting, appears. Vesper fires a burst at it [Strike:
13], hitting the creature [Damage: 54MD]. The shield absorbs much of
the damage, but the rest gets through [9MD] and cuts the other
creature in half.

And then the people appear. First two men, carrying rusty pipes, and
then six more, along with several women. They are a rather sad looking
lot; old clothes, torn and patched countless times, dirty,
malnourished, with fear and exhaustion carved into their faces. The
youngest might be in their twenties, but they look more like they are
twice that age.

One of the men, who might be their leader, steps forward. "You've
killed a Malig, and hurt another. They'll skin us all alive for that,
y'know. Maybe you think you help, but you just hurt. We won't get a
mile away from here, but they won't hunt us down like dogs and feast
on our children's entrails."

A woman shouts, "So you done it now, killing the Maligs. Are you going
to kill the rest?"

For a group of people who appear to have been saved from the fate of
being "breeders", they don't seem very happy.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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