[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Cautiously, Alex will put her armor clad had on the shoulder on the girl 
who is hugging her leg.
Alex states, "I will do what I can but everybody needs to be ready to go 

Calling back to the ship, "Can we give these people an evac somewhere?'

On 2015-11-19 01:15, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>> [GM]
>>> Alex's shot isn't a particular good one, but the Malig leader is
>>> preoccupied with a bunch of poorly-armed but fairly angry human
>>> slaves, and doesn't see her fire. The shot hits him in the main
>>> body [Damage: 30MD]. The Malig, having no mega-damage protection,
>>> is blown into pieces.
>>> Immediately the human slaves start cheering, and in short order
>>> they have the remaining Maligs on the run, the attempted Malig
>>> rally broken.
>>> A number of humans immediately rally around Alex. "Help us!"
>>> one of them cries. Another shouts "Lead us, Great Lady! Lead us
>>> and our kin out of this place!"
>>> Soon, Alex has a good forty men, women and even a few children
>>> surrounding her, all pleading with her to help them.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Alex]
>> Quickly over the radio, "How about breaking the chain?"
>> Turning back towards those who want them to lead them, "I am not
>> an officer, just a former corporal. Provided that the others are will, I
>> will see what we can do to help you however."
>> At the same time, her rifle is still up and she scans for movement.
>> Does not trust that everything is settled.
>> [/Alex]
>> Alex OOC: I like to try to come up with a first impression response in
>> combat because that is more real but I had some issues (as a player)
>> digesting everything.
> OOC: Sorry. Things got a bit muddled up. I don't think I made it clear
> enough Alex didn't go up the pyramid.
> [GM]
> "Take us with you then!" others cry. "You can't leave us here. Even if
> you kill these Maligs, the others in the city will kill us."
> Even as they speak, suddenly a manhole cover pops open. With Alex's
> gun trained on it, a young boy and at least two dozen other people
> come streaming out.
> Someone shouts "This is the woman who will save us!" to which the
> people coming out of the sewer cheer. To Alex's amazement a young girl
> with hair almost Alex's color runs up to her, despite her weapons and
> armor, and hugs her leg.
> Alex is now staring at a good 60 to 65 people all gathering around
> her, all pleading to be taken away.
> [/GM]
> [...]
>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper seems relieved that Alex seems to be ok.
>> Seeing the brown things rush to the rift he risks a shot at it with Alex
>> pump pistol. [Strike: 12, Damage: 18MD]
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> Surprisingly, or perhaps not all that surprisingly, the brown veined
> thing isn't destroyed, and while it shows some scoring, and perhaps a
> faint sizzling, it continues upward, picking up the pace. It takes a
> second shot [Strike: 19, Damage: 15MD] before the thing is blown into
> a blackened smudge on the side of the pyramid.
> [/GM]
>> [Vesper]
>> He gets a curious look when he sees the woman approaching the rift
>> and tentacle.
>> "They're enchanted ! I don't even think pain will snap them out of it.
>> Try using the chain to pull as many as you can to the ship !"
>> Vesper keeps up the cover fire but takes careful aimed shots only
>> when he is sure he wont harm the prisoners or his team mates does
>> he fire.
>> He also mentally recalls his familiars.
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> Vesper's two familiars rush to his side.
> [/GM]
>> [Oz]
>> "Psychic attack! Watch the women! Sergeant, somebody- grab her!
>> Concentrate fire on that tentacle!" Taking his own advice, Oz drops
>> his hunting rifle and pulls out his shotgun and starts pumping explosive
>> shells at the tentacle, trying to sever the end from the rest of the
>> creature. [Strikes: 18 and 3, Damage: 12MD]
>> "Anybody who want out of here needs to get up now! We're leaving in
>> 30 seconds! Captain, mark the time- 30 seconds and withdraw!"
>> [/Oz]
> [GM]
> Oz's shots heavily damage the tentacle, and a good ten foot piece
> falls to the ground far below. The rest of the crew, those not
> wresting female crewmembers to the ground, follow suit. The injured
> tentacle is torn to pieces, with a coup de grace by Jacek's weapon
> that blasts a large chunk almost back to the rift off.
> There's an inhuman scream that echoes through the city, and other
> tentacles whip out, and start smashing the top of the pyramid,
> crushing a number of the captive women.
> [/GM]
>> OOC: Using his Sawed-Off with explosive shells, 3d6 md to 20'. He's
>> aiming higher up the tentacle away from the deck, trying to blow it up
>> and separate it from the rest of the tentacle.
>> Oz does not want to fight this thing. He is not willing to risk the ship
>> and will leave anybody who is not on board when his time limit is up.
>> He's annoyed with the whole Louissa situation in the first place- they
>> keep having to chase after and rescue her, and he didn't ever really
>> even travel with her. His priorities are the PCs first, his soldiers second,
>> then everybody else last.
>> And if a giant tentacle monster breaks into this world from some other
>> dimension, that's one more thing to fight the splugorth when they get
>> here.
>> [Ted]
>> "Apparently they have some power over women," the lizard man
>> theorizes aloud while closing the distance between him and Louissa.
>> [/Ted]
> [GM]
> As Ted is speaking to Vesper and Alter-Ted, the broadcast comes in
> from Oz ordering everyone to prepare to disembark within 30 seconds.
> Ted reaches Louissa who is free but still walking towards the rift
> when gunfire from the ship severs a large portion of the tentacle, and
> it comes crashing nearby with a loud "flop". The horrific scream from
> within the rift is swiftly met with other tentacles reaching out of
> the rift and smashing into the top of the pyramid, crushing a number
> of the bedazzled women, and one striking the gruond not five feet from
> Ted and knocking him off his feet.
> And then the spell seems to be broken. Several of the women's eyes
> widen as they see the horror that awaits. A number turn on the
> remaining Maliks, and Louissa finally seems to regain some
> consciousness. She looks to Ted, and then to Alter-Ted. "Two... two of
> you?" she manages to say. "Where am I?"
> Alter-Ted bows, "Your highness, there is no time." He turns to Ted,
> and then to Vesper as Vesper reaches the top of the pyramid. "Your
> Lord Osmar,  or whatever his rank, has made it clear you have to
> depart. Get your Louissa out of here. What are we going to do with
> these women?"
> >From Oz's vantage point he sees the women on top of the pyramid freed
> of the spell, some attacking Maligs, others screaming in horror. When
> he looks at the base of the pyramid hundreds of feet below, he sees at
> least forty or fifty, maybe sixty people, including children rushing
> towards a tiny figure he recognizes as Alex.
> One of the crew comes up to Oz. "Sir, it would appear we have a brief
> window to pick up your companions. But we have a problem down on the
> ground. A large mob, friendlies I think, but still a large one around
> Lady Alex."
> Then over the comms one of the crew reports, "Sir, we're seeing a
> dozen vehicles rolling in, arriving at Lady Alex's position within two
> minutes. They're heavily armed, and look to be these Maligs, sir."
> [/GM]

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