[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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> [GM]
> As Oz speaks, he can finally see two of his companions; Ted and
> Vesper, storming up the pyramid, Vesper aiming at the super-Malig with
> what looks like a pump pistol.
> [/GM]
> OOC: Okay, this looks like combat, so I'm going to put that in the
> next post. This one is long enough by half!

OOC: Let's get initiative going! I'm going to lump everyone on the
ship other than Oz together

Combat Round #1

Alex- 27
Super-Malig - 26
Ted - 20
Ship's Crew - 17
Vesper - 14
Kodo (Vesper's Familiar) - 13
Oz - 11
Illigan (Vesper's Familiar) - 7

OOC: Othering than offering cover, I wasn't sure what Alex was going
to do, so I'm going to play her first round for her player a little

Alex offers covering fire to Ted and Vesper as she sees a number of
Maligs turn their attention to the two heroes as they race up the
pyramid [Short Burst Spray Strike: 4]. While Alex doesn't hit
anything, she definitely forces the Maligs to seek cover. There are
still a few targets in her sight that look to be a threat to her

The Super-Malig seems to become aware that his enemies may have
figured out his weakness. The field that is protecting him seems to
brighten, and the force dragging the ship forward lessens a little;
not enough to free it, but enough to bring the ship to a halt perhaps
fifty feet from the pyramid. At the same time, an energy bolt appears
in one of its hands and fires at the ship, blasting away a chunk of
the deck [Damage: 8MDC] and starting a fire.

Ted's superhuman (superlizard?) speed and he manages to get within
leaping distance of the Super-Malig [OOC: wait for Ted's next move

[Ship's Crew]
The ship's crew, fully comprehending that the creature can be hurt by
standard attacks, moves swiftly. Grenades are flung, someone starts
chucking out high powered hunting rifles, and they open fire. The
shield still stops a lot of the damage, but the Super-Malig is still
clearly injured, as more flesh and blood are torn away by bullets and
grenades, revealing more of what appears to be a white, bone-like
skeleton that itself cannot be harmed. Enough of the Super-Malig's
innards can now be seen to reveal what looks like a rubbery black
material that functions as a connective tissue; the Super-Malig is
more like some sort of bony humanoid creature whose skin sits within
the skeleton.
[/Ship's Crew]

Vesper is far behind Ted, but is close enough to open fire [Strike:
16, Damage: 19MD]. This does some serious damage, tearing away all the
flesh on the torso, and causing some of the black "skin" connecting
the bones to weep some of oily fluid.

At the same time, one of Vesper's familiars, Kodo, which looks like a
miniature T-Rex, reaches the creature, leaps onto its neck and begins
attacking the strange bread-sized growth. Kodo manages to puncture a
vein and more of the oily fluid leaks out. The Super-Malig, or
whatever it is, starts to scream in agony, and tries to knock Kodo

Oz fires his hunting rifle [Strike: 7], not a great shot, but the
creature clearly isn't going anywhere, and the bullet hits it in the
stomach [Damage: 20SDC]. The shot doesn't do a lot of damage that Oz
can see, but it all seems to be helping.

Vesper's other familiar, Illigan, a viper, wraps itself around the
Super-Malig's still fleshy and tries to trip it, failing to do so, but
certainly managing to give the creature something else to worry about.

OOC: Okay, onward to the second round! The Super-Malig is now revealed
to be some sort of bizarre bio-borg, is suffering some injuries from
all the conventional attacks and has had to weaken its hold on the
ship to charge up its shields.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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