[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Mon Oct 19 21:16:01 UTC 2015

Combat Round #2

OOC: I forgot "Alter-Ted" in the last round, throwing him into this one.

Alex- 27
Super-Malig - 26
Ted - 20
"Alter"-Ted - 18
Ship's Crew - 17
Vesper - 14
Kodo (Vesper's Familiar) - 13
Oz - 11
Illigan (Vesper's Familiar) - 7

> [Alex]
> Alex wonders what a concussion grenade will do to the creature,
> quickly loads one and fires from her rifle. [Strike: 17]
> [/Alex]

The concussion grenade detonates within feet of the Super-malig
[Damage: 4MD]. While the damage itself is minimal, it throws the
creature back, and interrupts whatever magic it's using to pull the
ship in.

The ley line craft itself leaps back about a hundred feet, throwing
many to the deck before Captain Neeson can bring it back under

OOC: Alex will be within hand to hand combat range of the Super-malig
in the next round.

> [Ted]
> Ted glances around to make sure no one has seen him yet and
> continues up the pyramid to find Louissa.
> [/Ted]

Ted moves swiftly past the Super-malig.

After a few moments of indecision, Alter-Ted leaves the boy and the
three largely unarmed people he and Ted had made it to the surface
with and races after his "twin".

OOC: Ted will be at the top of the pyramid in the next round, and
Alter-Ted shortly after him.

The ship's crew that remain on their feet, throw grenades or fire
rifles at the creature [Damage: 70MD].

> [Vesper]
> Vesper mentally commanded his familiars to be as defensive as
> possible and took another shot at the brown lump once Kodo had
> hopped away from it for a moment. Somehow the two were
> connected the brown lump and the super malig, Vesper tried to
> capitalize on that. [Strike: 10]
> [/Vepser]

Vesper fires another round from Alex's pump pistol at the prone
Super-malig [Damage: 12MD]. The shot hits mid-torso and essentially
blows away the flesh remaining on most of the creature, revealing the
white skeletal structure with the black rubber connective tissue. Some
of that tissue now looks heavily damaged and is leaking black and blue

Kodo leaps out of the way as Vesper makes his shot.

> IF Vesper feels he can perform a simple spell he will use armor
> of Ithan on Kodo. Illigan he mentally commanded Try telekinesis
> on the crown.
> [/Vesper]

> [Oz]
> Seeing that his regular rounds aren't doing it, Oz switches to
> explosive rounds. "Keep pouring it on, boys, you're doing it!"
> [/Oz]

Oz fires at the prone Super-Malig [Strike: 16, Damage 60SDC]. While
the "exoskeleton" of the Super-malig may have been MDC, the explosive
round finds its way into one of the bleeding holes. There's a loud
"pop", the creature roars and then falls limp, blackish and bluish
fluids flowing from its eyes, ears and nose. What little hold there
was left on the ship is gone. The crown slips from the creature's head
and starts rolling down the pyramid. The brown loaf-sized growth
detaches from the Super-malig and begins to worm its way back up the
pyramid at su

Meanwhile, on the ground, the three guides that had lead Alex to the
surface were picking up any weapons they could find; clubs, pieces of
steal and then begin attacking the Maligs. The young boy disappears
back the man hole, shouting "I'm going to get some more help!"

It's at that point that Ted reaches the top of the pyramid. There
before him is a flat plateau about a hundred feet a side. There are
perhaps fifty prisoners, all women and mostly human, of which Louissa
is one, all chained together with faintly glowing chains of bluish
steel. There are several Maligs armed with crude looking guns and
neural whips. There are a dozen Maligs in long flowing golden robes
uncharacteristically clean for these rather filthy creatures. Above
the black hole of the rift begins to widen, and now Ted can fully see
that there are stars on the other side of that rift. A little wider
and it reveals a "surface" of some kind, a fetid greenish oozing
surface that emits foul odors that can now be smelled.

And then "it" comes into view. The creature is a great mass of
tentacles that seem to be made of the same black rubber that the
Super-malig's tissue was made of. The main body comes into view, a
horrifying organic tube that looks not unlike the strange brown growth
that was on the Super-malig's neck.

The Malig "priests" begin chanting "Uzal pah... Uzul pah... Uzul
pah..." as the tentacles reach out of the rift, the ends of each
tentacle looking like a black fleshy phallus.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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