[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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>> [GM]
>> Vesper, at least has contacted the ship, and confirms that he is
>> looking at the pyramid, and the rift is opening. As Oz is confirming
>> this, Jacek and one of his men walks up. "Impressive display of power,
>> Sir Osmar," the borg says. "I sent a couple of men over the hill
>> before the firestorm began, and they're reporting these creatures are
>> in complete disarray. They've abandoned a rocket launcher they had
>> wheeled out, so this might be our best opportunity."
>> Oz hasn't received any communications from Alex or Ted yet, but has a
>> channel open to Vesper.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods at Jacek. "Agreed. Get your men back on board and we'll do what we
> can." He gets back on the radio to Vesper. "Vesper, the captain says she
> can't fly the ship close to you if that rift gets any bigger, so we're
> coming in now. If you want a ride out, we'll be at the pyramid's (OOC:
> whichever direction is correct) corner in a few minutes. You need to be
> outside when we pass by."
> [/Oz]

> [Vesper]
> On the radio, "Holding the rift to small size people need to move quickly to save
> our friend and others who are being sacrificed."
> "Don't know how long I can hold the energy." Vesper casts some protective spells
> energy sphere for one to help expend some of the rampant energy he is absorbing.
> "Please hurry if you can."
> [/Vesper]

> [Oz]
> He radios to the captain to approach the pyramid's closest corner as soon as
> all the troops on the ground are back on board. Once they pick up the team
> in the city they'll leave the city and try to get away from the rift as
> quickly as possible.
> "Sergeant, Jacek, Skarn, put everyone on the rails. We're
> going to be under fire in the city. Assume anything on the ground or
> surrounding buildings is hostile. Kill anything that moves until we're at
> the pyramid, then again after we pick up our people at the pyramid. I don't
> want our ship shot out from under us. We're getting out of here."
> [/Oz]

Jacek and the dwarf move swiftly to position their men, in preparation
for a firefight.

> [Oz]
> He calls his trio of assistants and Ithdalkal to accompany him. "We're on
> watch for any boarders and we're the reserve unit if any of our people come
> under particularly heavy fire. Make sure you've got close up weapons as well
> as a good long range one."
> [/Oz]

When everything is prepared, the ley line ship rises up. Below the
full chaos of what Oz's command created can be seen. The laval is
starting to cool, but this bit of landscape has been transformed from
woodland into a lava bed that will be a reminder of the battle until
this part of the world is changed tens of thousands of years from now.

Now the pyramid is in view, a metallic structure glowing golden red in
the light of the molten hill. Several of the nasty creatures like the
ones they fought can be seen scurrying about, many in what appears to
be a panic. Still, a few have weapons and begin firing at the ship.
The ship's defenders return fire, and some of the creatures go down,
but others turn and run back towards the walls surrounding the
pyramid. Though it isn't likely to do much good against an air ship,
they clos

Above the pyramid the intersecting ley lines rage, as the nexus itself
is showing the small "hole" that is an infant rift. Clearly Vesper is
doing his best to try to hold it shut, but the ley lines themselves
are building up energy.

Despite being on PPE batteries, the ley line ship is not immune from
these titanic energies, and it's all the crew can do to keep it from
listing and dumping everyone on deck off. The whole ship is bucking
like a crazed horse, and it makes anything but bursts and wild shots
impossible. Despite that, the ship makes its way until it is hovering
over the compound. The pyramid still looms, its top hundreds of feet
above the ship.

And then, as if out of nowhere (or perhaps out of nowhere) one of the
creatures appears. This one, while it looks like the others, is ten
feet tall, completely naked save for a black crown on its head. The
crown holds a single bluish gemstone that flickers with energy. The
ship's defenders fire on the creature, but it simply raises its hand,
and the bursts of energy simply fizzle a dozen feet away from it. It
shouts some horrible ritual in a great booming voice that sounds like
"Ktang-num-kuruk-umbugutaku!" then clenches its fists in the air.
Despite the captain's attempts to pull back, the ship is being dragged
towards the ten foot tall creature, picking up speed as it approaches.
Within moments it will crash into the pyramid at at least 40 miles per

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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