[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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>>> [Alex]
>>> "This is Hawk, I am underground currently. I was not aware of a Rift opening
>>> up," Alex responds.
>>> After taking on the scene for a moment or two, Alex looks at the two Teds,
>>> "What is going on?"
>>> Her rifle is up and while she does not want to shoot a friend, if she feels
>>> danger then she will fire.
>>> [/Alex]

>>> [Ted]
>>> Ted nods. "Roger that," he replies, looking at his twin. "I can
>>> confirm interference,
>>> but nothing else."
>>> He addresses Alter-Ted telepathically, ~I have to rescue Louissa. Want to
>>> come along?~
>>> [/Ted]

>> [GM]
>> Before alter-Ted can respond, both Teds and the young boy are suddenly
>> interrupted by Alex, along with three scraggly-dressed and rather
>> filthy looking people, demanding "What is going on?"
>> Alter-Ted's [OOC: that is the abnormal looking Ted] eyes widen.
>> "General Hawke!" he says, saluting. "It's good to see you, but you've
>> got both your eyes!"
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted takes a figurative step back. He looks from his clone to Alex.
> Numerous questions cross him mind, but he stifles them for a moment,
> saying aloud, "Look, I am sure there is a logical explanation for all this,
> but Louissa is in trouble and I need to find her. If you want to help, I
> promise to listen to your backstories later."
> [/Ted]

>  [Alex]
> For a moment the former coalition ranger is confused
> After a moment however Ted's comment grabs her attention, "Yes, we
> have a rescue mission."
> [/Alex]

OOC: I'm assuming the reunited companions, and, er, extras, continue on.

Ted only has a moment to meet Alex's three companions; two men and a
woman. One of the woman looks at the little boy that came with Ted and
says, "You should be at home with your mother, silly little one." When
she sees the body of the boy's "twin", she surprisingly shrugs. "Just
a another dimgate freak," one of the men says. "Met Uncle Ned once,
after the real Ned had died from jiggi worm poisoning, 'cept that Ned
had green hair and smelled like piss." Clearly these are people very
used to this rift producing residents of a nearly identical dimension.

"Stay here," the man says to Ted's guide. "Or better, find your way
back to the others, tell 'em to prepare to move out. Be quick, and
watch for the bots."

The boy scampers off, and the rest of the company. Alex, Ted,
Alter-Ted, and the three locals make their way into the chamber. The
room is still hot from the grenades the Maligs threw in, and the
ladder has nearly been blown off, but it doesn't take too much work to
make it to the top.

When they reach the surface, they find themselves in the compound.
Their, before them, is the great pyramid. They can see the nexus point
above, with a very small rift opening on to darkness. Energies seem to
be gathering around the rift, and it seems to expand, and then shrink
again, as if it is hitting some invisible barrier.

They see their leyline ship battling a Malig that must be at least ten
feet tall, twice the height of any Malig they've seen before. The
compound is filled with Maligs rushing towards the pyramid, and at the
very top, they can make out several people who have been chained
together, while Maligs in long robes prod them.

Alter-Ted looks to Ted. "Our leyline ship is nicer," he says. "What's
the plan. Looks like someone or something is trying to hold the rift

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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